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Задание №1.

Переведите текст на русский язык, используя данный после текста словарь:


In the old days when ships crossed the seas and oceans under sails, every trip was an adventure. In 1872 an American ship was crossing the Atlantic from New York to Portugal. It was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when Captain Moorhouse saw another ship. He knew the ship. It was the “Marie Celeste” which he had seen some weeks before when it was leaving New York. The captain of the “Marie Celeste”, Briggs, had taken his wife and his two-years-old daughter on the trip.

   Soon captain Moorhouse saw that something was wrong on the “Marie Celeste”. He sailed his ship nearer  the “ Marie Celeste”. Captain Moorhouse and his sailors could see that there was nobody on the “Marie Celeste”. The captain and some of his men went to the ship in a boat. But they found nobody there. Everybody had left the ship. But why had they done so? There were no

 signs of a fight. Everything was in its place. Why had all the people left a good ship in the middle of the Atlantic and disappeared? That is the question which many people have tried to answer since that time. But nobody will know the answer. No man who had left the “Marie Celeste” was seen again.

     Captain Moorhouse and his men saw no signs of panic on the ship. Captain Brigg`s watch lay on his table. There was a letter near it which somebody had just begun to write. The ship` s papers had gone, but the log was here. In some of the men` s boxes there was money. The most interesting thing was the fact that somebody had taken away a piece of planking. But why?  

Some people thought that the sailors had killed the captain and his family and gone away in a boat. But there were no signs of a fight. Other people thought that many of the sailors had been ill and had died. Then the others left the ship and went away in a boat. But nobody knows the true story of the “Marie Celeste”

Wandering – бродячий, скитающийся

Sign- знак, признак

To disappear- исчезать

Log – судовой журнал

Planking- обшивка корабля

После текста даны утверждения. Определите, какие из них соответствуют тексту ( True ) , какие не соответствуют тексту ( False ) и о чём в тексте не сказано, т.е. нельзя дать ни положительного , ни отрицательного ответа ( Not Stated ) . Ответы запишите напротив каждого утверждения:

  1. In 1872 an American ship was crossing the Atlantic to Europe.

  2. Captain Briggs saw another ship which he had never seen before.

  3. The captain of the “Marie Celeste” had taken his relatives with him.

  4. The ship “Marie Celeste” was from Atlanta.

  5. Captain Moorhouse and his sailors saw that there was nobody on the “Marie Celeste”

  6. There were some signs of fight.

  7. On the table sailors saw Captain Briggs`s watch, a letter and the log.

  8. Briggs had a lot of money.

  9. There is an interesting fact that somebody had taken away a piece of planking.

  10. Everybody knows the true story of the “Marie Celeste”

Задание №2

Установите соответствие рубрик  A-G отрывкам 1-6 , взятым из различных газет. Занесите ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз.

В задании одна рубрика лишняя.

A. Horoscope

B. Political news

C. Biography

D. Guidebook

E. Sport news

F. Letters page

G. Fashion news

1. I have always loved your magazine but I especially loved your article about new diet. I did not know what to eat, I became fatter and fatter. Your article helped me much in choosing the right diet plan.

4. PISCES ( Feb.19-March 20 ) The meeting with Jupiter will bring you luck. Do not forget to call your relatives.

2. The city is full of beautiful buildings, so you shouldn` t miss the Cathedral of St. James. Built in the heart of the city, its tower can be seen from a great distance. 

5. The President of the United States is due to fly to Britain next week for the second time this year. There, he will meet with the Prime Minister to discuss the situation in the Middle East.

3. Born into a poor family, his life was very hard from the start. His father was often out of his family and spent months travelling to find a new job. His mother cleaned houses, often taking James with her to help.

6. Dorchester United` s star player Ian Hunter is leaving the hospital. All fans met him with bunches of flowers and wished good luckhoping to see him with his team in the Prime League.

Задание №3

Переведите на английский язык:

Уильям собрал вместе тысячи судов. Его солдаты чувствовали что необходимо пересечь Ла-Манш, потому что они боялись атаки англичан.

  Комета Галлея появляется раз в 76 лет. Появление новой звезды приветствовали солдаты Уильяма. Армия Уильяма выиграла великую битву.



Задание №1.

Переведите текст на русский язык, используя словарь:

Should I Add Fish to My Diet?

DEAR DR.BLONZ: I keep reading that I should be eating more fish. The problem is that I don’t like the taste. Is there something unique to fish that I cannot get elsewhere in my diet Finally, what is an epidemiology study?

S.F., Arlington, III

DEAR S.F.: I will answer your second question first. Epidemiology is the science that investigates the connection between specific events, such as the occurrence of a disease, and a particular behavior pattern, such as diet or exercise. Epidemiological research can help suggest what’s going on, but it cannot really tell you what’s causing what with any precision.

Now on to your fish question. Too bad that you don’t have a taste for fish, because it has been found to be an asset in the fight against heart disease. The first studies describing the low incidence of heart disease in fish-eating populations appeared over two decades ago. The evidence keeps pointing to omega-3 oils in fish as the source of this unique property.

Omega-3 oils are a type of oil that manufactured by plants that grow in the sea and a few that grow on land. The fish that eat these sea plants (as well as the fish that eat those fish) accumulate these essential fatty acids, or EFAs, in their bodies. These are mainly the varieties of fish found in cold water. Those fish that contain a high level of omega-3 EFAs include mackerel, sardines, salmon, tune, herring, yellowtail and trout.

There are non-fish options, too, because on land, there’s a generous supply of omega-3 oils in linseed oil, and smaller amounts in walnut, soybean, and canola oils, as well as wheat germ.

At present there is a great deal of epidemiological evidence to support the healthfulness of fish.

In the end, though, fish should not be thought of as a magic bullet against heart disease. What fish represent is good food and a convenient source of essential fats.

To investigate – изучать

Behavior pattern – образ жизни

Mackerel – скумбрия, макрель

Salmon – лосось, семга

Herring - сельдь

Trout – форель

Wheat germ – ростки пшеницы

Задание №2

Поставьте перемешанные части текста в логической последовательности, чтобы получился законченный рассказ.

James I and the Gunpowder Plot.

a) The effigy is known to such children as "Guy Fox", though the real name of the man who it represents was Guido Fawkes. Although he was born at York, he had served in the Spanish army, and used the Spanish form of his name in his signature. Who was he, this man who is still burnt every year, hundreds of years after he lived? This is his story, the story of Guido Fawkes and King James I.

 b) When the Great Queen Elizabeth died in 1603 she was unmarried. So the Scottish King James VI became King James I of England. He was not a pleasant man. Not only was he of ungainly appearance, he was also untrustworthy and deceitful. James I who believed in absolute monarchy insisted that the Members of Parliament were there simply to do as he told them. In addition to his frequent quarrels with Parliament, James earned the hatred of many of his subjects by his treatment of people with religious views differing from own. From this hatred came the famous Gunpowder Plot less than two years after his coronation.

 c) Thus died a man whose name has quite wrongly and mistakenly come to mean anyone of queer or foolish appearance. Only Guido Fawkes was neither. He was a brave man and a gentleman, a faithful friend to the limit of endurance, ready to die for the faith in which he believed. We can be sure that never again were the cellars under the House of Lords let during the reign of James I.  Nor have they ever been let since. Even to this day a careful search is made of them before the opening of Parliament.

d) He was what is called a soldier of fortune. That is a man who is prepared to fight for any country which will pay him. Guy Fawkes was a gentleman of good family, brave and religious, who was ready to risk everything for a cause in which he believed. The conspirators had rented a house next door to the Houses of Parliament and under the House of Lords and proposed that they should dig a tunnel. There they would pile barrels of gunpowder, and when the King and all the Members of parliament were assembled on the 5th of November, there would be an explosion which would leave nothing but a smoking ruin. That would be the awful result of the explosion.

 e) Everyone in England knows that the fifth of November is Bonfire Night. For day, often weeks before the date, children may be seen carrying through the streets the stuffed effigy of a man, and singing a verse which begins: Please to remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. Very often the effigy is dressed in old clothes of the present day, but occasionally some attempt has been made to imitate the costume of an earlier age. In either case the clothes are old, because the effigy is due to be burnt over a bonfire.

f) On November the fourth, the day before that arranged for the opening of Parliament, Guy Fawkes was found in the cellar as well as the thirty or more barrels of, gunpowder. The plot had failed. Guy Fawkes was barbarously tortured to make him give the names of the other conspirators, which he refused to do. He was dragged out on a sledge to place of execution and hanged.


g) This was a plot to blow up Parliament whilst King James was opening a new session. It was a most wicked undertaking, because although it would have put an end to King James, many innocent people would have been killed at the same time. This does not appear to have worried the original conspirators, who did not care how many people suffered, so long as they got rid of King James. Amongst this group of gentlemen who were determined to rid the country of the King was Guido, or Guy Fawkes.

 h) Guy Fawkes was used to explosions and to the idea of hundreds of men being killed in battle. It was to be his task to set fire to the fuse, and then to escape as best he could. A man of iron nerve, he had no doubts about his part in the conspiracy. But some of the conspirators began to have serious doubts about what they were doing. Several of them had friends or relations who would be in the House on the opening day, and they naturally wished to warn them to stay away. A letter was sent to warn some of the Members of Parliament.

Задание №3

Переведите на английский язык:

1. Я предпочитаю легкую атлетику боксу и борьбе.

2. Британия – родина многих популярных видов спорта таких как футбол, регби, гольф, теннис, бадминтон.

3. Многие люди увлекаются плаванием.

4. Спорт укрепляет характер.

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