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7 Complete the gaps in the dialogue with the phrases (a–g).

a) I’d like to think about that

b) have I got this right

c) I think we’ve covered everything

d) That sounds reasonable

e) I’m sorry, we couldn’t afford that

f) let’s look at the options

g) I’ll look into things straight away

Francis: So, ______________________ 46 ? You’d like HR to help you organise a course for sixteen staff members on strategy building.

Danny: That’s right.

Francis: OK. First, ______________________ 47 . We could offer the course in-house – we’ve certainly got enough good trainers. Or we can go outside. I’d recommend AQP Consultancy.

Danny: Hmm. I’m not sure what would be best. ______________________ 48.

Francis: That’s fine, but let me tell you about the prices first. If we hold it here, you’ll only need to pay for refreshments, say £15 per person. What do you think of that?

Danny: ______________________ 49.

Francis: But, a one-day course run by AQP in a three-star hotel is going to cost about £50 per person.

Danny: ______________________ 50 . It’s far too expensive.

Francis: Well, don’t decide yet. I’ll speak to a few people and see if I can find out some other opportunities.

Danny: Thanks – that would be good. Anything else?

Francis: No, ______________________ 51 for now.

Danny: I can’t think of anything else either.

Francis: OK. _____________________ 52 and give you a call.


A Complete the gaps in these sentences with the correct alternative.

53 He ______________________to review quality procedures.

a) delayed b) arranged c) failed d) insured

54 Each person will receive a ______________________ according to their sales performance.

a) turnover b) bonus c) discount d) commission

55 I’m afraid I won’t be able to ______________________ the next meeting.

a) attend b) propose c) second d) go

56 You should comply with all ______________________ to enable the delivery to go smoothly.

a) regulations b) surveys c) customs d) tariffs

57 We are looking for handcrafted products not ______________________ ones.

a) long-lasting b) mass-produced c) well-known d) high-quality

58 The product comes with a two-year ______________________ .

a) warranty b) compensation c) subsidy d) cover

59 My boss would never accept a ______________________

a) bribe b) corruption c) compensation d) fraud

60 We’ve found a ______________________ in the market.

a) prosperity b) niche c) quote d) plead

B Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.

61 Were you pleased with the outcome of the ______________________ (negotiate)?

62 It’s important for companies to deal effectively with______________________(complain).

63 The government is bringing in new ______________________ (regulate).

64 The Co-operative Bank is well-known for its policy of ethical ______________________ (invest).

65 ______________________ (globalise) damages local jobs and services.

66 Does your company offer any form of ______________________ (compensate) for poor quality goods?

67 Have you found a ______________________ (solve) to your problems yet?

68 There is huge ______________________ (compete) in this region.

69 What ______________________ (choose) do I have?

70 We’ve got the ______________________ (threaten) of redundancy hanging over us.


A You work for a pharmaceutical company. You have recently received the quote below for maintenance work on one of your machines. Write a brief letter of reply, accepting the quote. Write 40 to 50 words.

Mr Mallory

MM Mecanics

28 Ardleigh Way

London E10 7NB

4th March 2005

Dear Mr Mallory

With reference to your enquiry of 21 February I am pleased to submit the following quotation for the maintenance work specified:

£4,295 – this includes VAT.

Payment terms are 30 days.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Stacey Trelawney

Stacey Trelawney

B Read the following advert about a business award. Then write a letter of 120 to 140 words.

Business Ethics Award

Celebrating ethical businesses!

Write to us to let us know which company you think should win this year’s award. State clearly:

The name of the company you are nominating and its area of business

Three reasons for nominating this company

Deadline for nominations: 3rd March

Варианты возможных ответов (ключи) к Progress Test 5-8

Listening (10 marks)

1 formal complaint / 2 office manager / 3 bribe / 4 fraud / 5 internal investigation / 6 false / 7 true / 8 true / 9 true / 10 false

Reading (10 marks)

11 b / 12 d / 13 a / 14 c / 15 e / 16 c / 17 d / 18 a / 19 b / 20 e

Language (25 marks)

21 to lower / 22 dealing / 23 refuse to / 24 ✓/ 25 ✓/ 26 If I knew / 27 ✓ / 28 I might buy / 29 to outsource / 30 I lent / 31 published / 32 praised / 33 has won / 34 employs / 35 announced / 36 was planning / 37 said / 38 hadn’t been / 39 mentioned / 40 took place / 41 has come / 42 hadn’t got / 43 always tried / 44 could / 45 shows

Skills (7 marks)

46 b / 47 f / 48 a / 49 d / 50 e / 51 c / 52 g

Vocabulary (18 marks)

53 c / 54 b / 55 a / 56 a / 57 b / 58 a / 59 a / 60 b / 61 negotiation / 62 complaints / 63 regulations / 64 investment / 65 globalisation / 66 compensation / 67 solution / 68 competition / 69 choice / 70 threat

Writing (15 marks in total; 7+8 marks each)

Total marks: 85

7.3. Итоговый тест (образец с ключами)

Final Test (Units 1-12)


1 Listen to Mark Parry, a business analyst, giving a presentation at a business forum on better ways of doing business. Answer the questions below with the correct alternative. You will hear the recording twice.

1 What does the CEO say about his company?

a) Its marketing budget for new products is currently too small.

b) It makes only slight changes to existing products.

c) Its products are not yet of a high enough quality.

2 What does Mark say about the big brand companies?

a) Most gave the poor climate as the reason for lower sales.

b) Unilever saw its profits rise for the third time.

c) Three companies expected an average turnover.

3 What is the first piece of advice that Mark gives?

a) Work more closely with big companies.

b) Bring new products onto the market.

c) Use a different advertising agency.

4 What is the second piece of advice that Mark gives?

a) Try and meet the retailer’s needs.

b) Aim to increase profits at any cost.

c) Remember that the customer is the consumer.

5 What is the third piece of advice that Mark gives?

a) Look for alternative distributors.

b) Provide a good after-sales service.

c) Try selling directly to your customers.


A Read the article and decide if the statements (6–10) are true or false.

6 You can’t be successful in business and have a good work–life balance. _____

7 Commitment is the only quality needed to become an effective leader. _____

8 To be successful in business you may need to work longer hours. _____

9 It’s more important to set work–life priorities when you are young. _____

10 There’s no point aiming for a work–life balance when you have a family. _____

3 Now complete the gaps (11–15) in the last two paragraphs with the sentences (a–e).

a) There is no point in pretending we can have it all.

b) It’s just that it has its price.

c) I’m sure we all know people who wouldn’t dream of missing the meeting.

d) You can work more intelligently, and delegate as much as you like.

e) However, unless they win the lottery, they will have less money in the bank!

Be a leader in business – with a life!

By Michael Skapinker

It is not possible to achieve a balance between work and life if you want to do well in business. To reduce only your workload will fail because in real life success in work depends on achieving targets. In a competitive business environment, leadership takes different qualities and skills – including commitment, passion, and of course a lot of time.

A work–life balance is not just about people wanting to leave the office at a reasonable time – they know that they have to compete against those who are prepared to work until the early hours, on the other side of the world. Take Pavan Vishnakarma, a freelance software developer who lives in Bhopal, for instance. He advertises himself as being available for work at any time.

The answer is surely to look for balance across our whole lives, rather than at any particular time. Life is about deciding what is important to you – and sometimes making hard decisions. There are periods when we want to devote ourselves to work and others when the family is more important.

It’s not that a work–life balance isn’t worth having. It certainly is. _______________ 11. This is that you are not going to rise as high in the organisation or be as rich as those business leaders who have no interest in a work–life balance. _______________ 12. However, if you are the sort of person who, faced with a choice between a school play and a crucial meeting, chooses the play, you will fall behind. _______________ 13.

Show me a successful Chief Executive and I will show_you someone who barely_sees his/her children. _______________ 14. We can’t. Those who spend more time with their family and friends will be richer in the ways that really matter. _______________ 15.

(From the Financial Times)

A Complete the article using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Obituary: George Thompson

George Thompson was one of the key people who _______________16 (make) the Bridgeport milling machine the fastest-selling machine tool in the world during the latter half of the last century. One Bridgeport machine _______________17 (sell) at that time every three minutes of a working week. The machines _______________ 18 (also find) in tool-making shops and maintenance departments everywhere: one _______________19 (even discover) by an expedition exploring the Amazon.

Two Swedes, Magnus Wahlstrem and Rudolph Bannow, _______________20 (start) making the machines in 1938 at Bridgeport, Connecticut. But it was Thompson, an outstanding British engineer, who _______________21 (be) responsible for producing them in the UK.

UK production _______________22 (begin) to take off, so much so that manufacture _______________23 (outgrow) the capacity available at Leicester. At Bridlington, Thompson _______________ 24 (find) a site which he _______________25 (turn) into what _______________26 (become) the largest producer of milling machines in Europe and one of the most advanced plants of its time.

(From the Financial Times)

B Complete the gaps with who, which, whose or that.

27 Cultural awareness seminars at Train Us, _______________ the company only started offering five years ago, have become their most popular courses.

28 People _______________ trust their staff are often good leaders.

29 It’s the ideas of the company _______________ are really influencing business practices in this country.

30 Busy N, _______________ is an IT provider, offers a high-quality service.

31 Bix UT is a fast-growing Estonian company _______________ is looking for a new leader.

32 This is the team _______________ achieved record sales last year.

33 _______________car is that outside the plant?

34 Milly Saviour, _______________established the clothing company Citty Slick, travels economy class.


5 Complete the gaps in the presentation extract with one word.

Good morning everyone and _______________ 35 to ACR Ltd. I’m going to _______________ 36 my talk today into two parts. First, I’ll _______________ 37 you an overview of the company’s main research and development activities. After that I’ll _______________ 38 about some recent breakthroughs. If you have any questions, please don’t _______________ 39 to ask. So, let’s _______________ 40 with our main activities. Could I _______________ 41 your attention to this chart? As you can see ...


A Complete the gaps in the sentences using the words from the box.

lead / goalposts / expectations / field / computer / presence / horse

42 We’re not making any progress. It’s like flogging a dead _______________

43 My boss keeps moving the _______________ . I never have any idea what I’m supposed to be doing.

44 It’s essential that we establish a _______________ in the Latvian market before our rivals do.

  1. Well done! Sales this month exceeded all _______________.

  2. DTP is doing well, but the company no longer leads the _______________.

  3. I travel twice a month in my job so it’s really useful to have this laptop _______________ .

  4. Last year we overtook our competitors to become market leader. This year we have retained the _______________ .

B Complete the sentences with the correct alternatives.

49 My boss is really motivating and so _______________ (passionate / ruthless) about his job.

50 Things are going badly and we’ve had a lot of _______________ (setbacks /breakthroughs).

51 I give up. Let’s go back to the _______________ (drawing board / brainwave).

52 It’s a concept that we have never seen before – in fact it’s _______________ (groundbreaking / lifesaving).

53 This low-fat product’s advertised as being _______________ (beneficial / pointless) for your health.

C Complete the gaps using the adjective form of the noun in brackets. Some may be negative.

54 He cannot choose which supplier to use. He is so _______________ (decision).

55 She really can’t wait to skydive. She’s so _______________ (adventure).

56 My boss never stops to think before opening her mouth. She can be so _______________ (thought).

57 I can’t seem to do anything right. It’s just so _______________ (motivation).

58 You have to wear smart clothes where I work. It’s a very _______________ (formality) working environment.

59 She is always rushing around doing things with such enthusiasm. I’ve never seen someone so _______________ (energy).

60 If you want to succeed in business then you must be prepared to take risks and be _______________ (opportunity).


9 You are a buyer for a department store’s toy department and have just seen the advert below in a local newspaper. Write an e-mail (40 to 50 words) to the distributor.

Remember to include the following information:

• state which products you are interested in

• request more information about the products

• ask about prices

Looking for high-quality toys and games?

We are distributing three new ranges of hand-made German products:

• soft toys for 0–3 year olds

• wooden toys for children aged 3–6

• board games for children aged 7–11

For more information, e-mail jack.denton@

B You work for a PR consultancy. You have been asked to write a press release for the Bright sparks Supermarket chain. Use the notes you made during a recent meeting with the company. Write 120 to 140 words.

Варианты возможных ответов (ключи) к Итоговому Тесту В (Units 1-12)

Listening (5 marks)

1 b / 2 a / 3 b / 4 a / 5 c

Reading (10 marks)

6 true / 7 false / 8 true / 9 false / 10 false / 11 b / 12 d / 13 c / 14 a / 15 e

Language (19 marks)

16 made / 17 was sold / 18 were also found / 19 was even discovered / 20 started / 21 was / 22 began / 23 outgrew / 24 found / 25 turned / 26 became / 27 which / 28 who / that / 29 that / which / 30 which / 31 that/which / 32 that/which / 33 Whose / 34 who

Skills (7 marks)

35 welcome / 36 divide / 37 give / 38 talk / speak / 39 hesitate / 40 start / begin / 41 turn / draw

Vocabulary (19 marks)

42 horse / 43 goalposts / 44 presence / 45 expectations / 46 field / 47 computer / 48 lead

49 passionate / 50 setbacks / 51 drawing board / 52 groundbreaking / 53 beneficial / 54 indecisive / 55 adventurous / 56 thoughtless / 57 demotivating / 58 formal / 59 energetic / 60 opportunistic

Writing (40 marks in total; 20 marks each)

Total marks: 100

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