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Ф.И. ____________________________________________ Школа № ___________

Английский язык май 2013 уч.год

для поступающих в 5 класс гимназии № 1567

Вариант 1

  1. Аудирование. Listening Прослушайте запись и напишите соответствующую букву напротив каждой цифры.

What did Betty get from each person as a birthday present? Listen and write a letter next to each number.

There is one example.


Mum and Dad



a box of chocolates




a book


Uncle Richard


a mobile phone




a camera




a diary




a tent


a pack of cards


a torch

  1. Чтение. Reading 2.1 Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы после текста.

Read the text and answer the questions that follow it.

Yesterday was a special day for Karen. It was her 11th birthday so her parents invited seven friends to their place. Unfortunately, her best friend Mary could not come because she was ill.

The guests arrived at four o’clock and gave Karen their presents. She received some books, a beautiful pencil case, a big Barbie doll and some doll’s furniture. Then they all sat at the table and Karen’s dad brought in a lovely chocolate cake with eleven candles on it. Karen’s mum lit the candles; Karen blew them out and thought of a wish. The children sang “Happy Birthday”. Then they had a drink and some of the cake. After that everyone went to the park. They played hide-and seek, tag, and football.

They came back at eight o’clock, washed their hands and watched cartoons on TV. Everyone was very thirsty, so they drank a lot of coke. At ten the guests left and Karen went to bed with her Barbie-doll, tired but happy.

  1. How old was Karen?___________________________________________________________________

  2. How many friends did her parents invite?___________________________________________________

  3. Why did not Mary come?________________________________________________________________

  4. Did Karen receive a puppy on her birthday?_________________________________________________

  5. What kind of cake was there on the table?___________________________________________________

  6. What games did the children play in the park?________________________________________________

  7. Who blew out the candles?_______________________________________________________________

  8. How old were you on your last birthday?____________________________________________________

  9. When is your birthday?__________________________________________________________________

  10. Did you like the presents or did you want something different?__________________________________


2.2 Напишите три-пять предложений о своем предыдущем дне рождения.

Write from three to five sentences about your last birthday.

2.3 Прочтите диалог и выберите подходящий ответ. В поле ответа впишите соответствующую букву (A-H). Использовать все буквы не обязательно.

Alice and Jane meet at the station. What does Jane say? Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-H) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example.


Alice: Oh, hello Jane. Good to see you! Where are you going?

Jane: C

Alice: Are you going with your parents?


Alice: What time does your train leave? Do you know?


Alice: Oh, that’s very soon. Have you got something to eat and drink?

Jane: ____________________

Alice: I think the sandwiches and snacks on the train are expensive. What do you think?

Jane: ____________________

Alice: That’s nice for you! Do you know when you arrive?

Jane: _____________________

Alice: OK. I think you must go now though, if you want to catch your train.

A. I think you are right, but it’s not a problem today. I’m on holiday!

B. My parents are going to meet me.

C. I’m going on holiday.

D. No, I’m going with my aunt and uncle and cousin Jack.

E. No, I’m going to buy something to eat on the train.

F. I like cheese sandwiches.

G. I think we get there at about one o’clock, so we can have lunch!

H. I’m not sure, but I think it leaves at ten o’clock.

  1. Грамматика и лексика. Grammar and Vocabulary

3.1 Внимательно прочитайте слова и предложения. Выберите слово, подходящее к определению, и запишите его в строчке напротив определения.

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines.

a week, butter, a bookshop, a century, autumn, a comic, a library, a waiter, a coat, traffic, a sail, a bridge, a towel, an umbrella, winter

There is one example.

A word which describes the cars, lorries, buses, bicycles and motorbikes on a road. ___traffic____

  1. This is a story book for children. The story is in pictures and there are not many words. ________________

  2. You dry yourself with this when you are wet after a bath or a shower. ________________

  3. Some boats have one. It helps the boat to move quickly if it is windy. ________________

  4. It is time. It is a hundred years long. ________________

  5. It is one of the four parts of the year. It is often cold and snows. ________________

  6. If you hold this in the air it stops you getting wet when it is raining. ________________

  7. You use this to cross a river or a road. ________________

  8. This is a man who works in a café or restaurant. He brings food and drink to your table. ________________

  9. This is a place where you buy books, magazines and newspapers. ________________

  1. This is yellow and you put it on bread when you make a sandwich. _________________

3.2 Поставьте в предложение нужный предлог.

Complete the sentences with in, at, of, to or on.

  1. What are you doing _____ Thursday?

  2. The class starts _______ eight, so don’t be late!

  3. I’ll see you _____ the morning.

  4. Karen is not very good ______ drawing.

  5. Are you afraid_____ dogs?

  6. They went _____ France last summer.

3.3 Напишите формы прошедшего времени для глаголов.

Write past forms of the verbs.

1. make __________ 2. bring ___________ 3. watch ___________ 4. go ____________ 5. find___________ 6. have ___________ 7. feel ____________ 8. think ____________ 9. sing ___________ 10.write ___________

3.4 Перепишите предложения, поставив слова в нужном порядке.

Reorder the words and make negative and positive sentences and questions

  1. jacket/is/where/my/?


  1. not/mine/this/bag/is


  1. are/wonderful/many/stories/ this/book/in/there


  1. I/ can/an/please/ice cream/have?


  1. subject/favourite/is/my/math


  1. that/ don’t/ they/ film/ see/ want/ to


  1. dolls/got/ not/ I/ any/have/Barbie


3.5 Прочитайте текст и раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в нужную форму.

Read this e-mail message and open the brackets choosing the correct verb form.

Hi Jane,

I 1.__________(be) on holiday and it 2.__________(be) great! We 3._________(stay) in a hotel at the seaside. We 4._____________(go) swimming every morning. Yesterday we 5.___________(do) banana riding. 6._____________ (Be) you a good swimmer? I 7._________(be) not, but I 8.____________(learn). My brother 9._____________(teach) me. Mum 10.________(say) I should do English every day, too. I 11.____________ (read) “Winnie-the Pooh” with a dictionary. It’s fun! What 12._______ you__________ (read)?

Best wishes,


  1. Фонетика. Phonetics

Распределите слова по звучанию и сгруппируйте их в столбики, учитывая правила чтения гласных в различных типах слога. В списке есть слова, которые не войдут в столбики.

dug, like, bat, smart, duke, tone, but, gap, could, ban, mute, bone, got, pope, cute, cut, black, stone, mud, name, pure

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