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Global Institute for Water Environment and Health

Agreement with Administrative Procedures

Application Procedure

To become a GIWEH Training Program participant, an applicant has to send all documents listed in the program description to GIWEH representative Ms. Elina Mirzoeva at trainings@giweh.ch.

After applying to a program, the applicant will receive an official answer from the GIWEH representative regarding his/her acceptance.

The accepted applicant must pay a registration fee one month prior to the commencement of the program (in individual cases an exception is possible for the GIWEH Hands on Training Program; please contact GIWEH representative for more details).

Visa support letter will be sent to accepted applicants once a confirmation of the registration fee payment (scanned copy) is received by the GIWEH representative.

Registration Fee Refund Policy

Visa refusal

If the accepted applicant received a visa refusal from Swiss authorities, the paid Registration fee, but not the bank charges and visa application fees, will be refunded within 30 days upon a refund request from the participant. The refund request has to be submitted within 30 days after the receipt of the visa refusal.

Visa granted or Swiss entry

The paid Registration fee will not be refunded once the participant receives a visa by an application submitted with an invitation letter from GIWEH.

The paid Registration fee will not be refunded if the participant’s residency permit or visa in Switzerland renewal/extension has been supported by an invitation letter from GIWEH.

Withdrawal from the GIWEH Training or Internship Program

The accepted applicant has a right to withdraw from the program due to personal reasons prior to an answer to his/her visa application from Swiss embassy/authority or, if he/she does not need visa, prior to the commencement of the Program. The applicant must send a request for withdrawal to the GIWEH representative with an explanation of reasons for withdrawal and receive an official response from the GIWEH.

In case of withdrawal, the paid Registration fee refund will be subject to the following deductions:

  • 1 – 5 days prior to the commencement of a program: 250 CHF deduction.

  • More than 5 days prior to the commencement of the program: 5% deduction.

All documents certifying participation in GIWEH Training Programs must be cancelled and/or returned to GIWEH together with the request for withdrawal.

No refunds will be made once the program has started.

Emergency and Force-Major

In case of long illness, death, or force-major, the refund of the paid Registration fee will be considered.

If the number of participants of the GIWEH Training Programs is insufficient 2 weeks prior to the commencement of a program, it will be postponed until the required number is achieved. Already accepted applicants will be informed via email and will have a right to withdraw with 95% of the registration fee refund.

Medical and Liability Coverage

Medical insurance is obligatory for all participants studying in Switzerland. Obtaining medical insurance is a responsibility of the applicant.


My signature below certifies that I have read this document, understood, and agreed to my responsibilities, and that I have read and understood the agreement outlining the Program’s application procedure, fees and refund policy. I understand that upon acceptance of this singed agreement by the GIWEH, it becomes a legal document. I further certify that the information I have provided is complete and accurate, and I understand that any misrepresentation may be a cause for a refusal in admission or subsequent disenrollment.

My signature below affirms that all information contained in my documents provided as and together with the application for a GIWEH Training Program is complete and honestly presented.

Place and date:


GIWEH, 37/39, rue de Vermont- CP 110, 1211 Genève 20- Suisse, Tél: +41 22 733 75 11, Fax : +41 22 734 83 24,

Email: info@giweh.ch, www.giweh.ch

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