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Furness and South Lakeland Astronomical Society – Treasurer’s Report 2013

Once again I am happy to report that the Society has had a successful year financially and its finances are healthy. Turnover for the year was almost the same (plus about 1%) as last year.

Continuing to look through the Balance Sheet you will see that Membership Fees show a considerable increase (up £70.00) due to an increase in membership but Meeting Fees were lower (down almost £87.00) due to the reduced amount charged to members introduced in the early part of last year. Lecturer Fees were £50 less, largely due to the unusually ‘local’ addresses of the speakers that have visited us. As previously we have had an excellent breadth and quality of speakers and once again Bob Blake should be thanked for his organisation.

Per session Room Hire costs were not increased during the period but the balance sheet shows a decrease for this item due to the number of sessions included. We have however been informed by the church council that fees this year will be at an increased level.

Income from the 'tea fund' this year is very much less than in previous periods – perhaps members and visitors have forgotten that they may contribute when they take refreshment. As last year I report that John Maddison has NOT taken any costs for providing refreshments to the Society - thank you John.

Once more I report that other costs perhaps chargeable to the Society are not included in the accounts. Again this year, your committee costs have been zero, with your Chairman and myself having claimed no expenses. Bob and Diane provide food and accommodation to our visiting lecturers at considerable personal expense - thanks to you both.

Please remember that the Federation subscription includes our liability insurance. The Federation of Astronomical Societies financial year is different from ours and the amount shown in our accounts is for the period April 2013 to March 2014 and includes an early payment discount which we were able to take.

The Society for Popular Astronomy (which provides many of our news and information sheets) was prepaid last year for two years so there is nothing to show in these accounts.

Many thanks to Brian Jones for his excellent work with the web-site – I feel that the web-site and the email reminders to members have probably helped with the increased numbers attending the meetings.

We have not spent anything on the observatory but I feel I should say it is now in a rather sorry state and probably needs substantial repairs to make it suitable for regular use. If any member or visitor has fibreglass repair experience we probably need your expertise!

Many thanks to our regular visitor Ian Palmer who kindly agreed to audit these accounts.

I have already said that this has been a successful year financially for the Society and I do NOT propose any fee increases.

I have no hesitation in saying again what I said last year - increased membership is the most effective method of providing the necessary funds to run the Society and this has been well proven this year and again I urge every member to 'sell the Society' to relations, friends, or work colleagues. Your programme for this year (which you should all have) again provides the basis of an interesting and informative year for the Society.

So, I end another happy report- well done everyone; keep up the good work.

Richard Alldridge Treasurer - FSLAS


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