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THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS — General Information

F:\МССПиР\Буклет Крыница\2011\Материалы\Карта РБ.jpg

Administrative map of Belarus

Official Name: The Republic of Belarus

Location: The Republic of Belarus is located in the center of Europe at the crossroads of the shortest transport routes connecting CIS countries with the EU, thus having a relatively favorable geographical position. Belarus shares its borders with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine.

Territory: Belarus occupies an area of 207 600 sq. km. The territory stretches for 560 km from North to South and for 650 km from West to East. The length of its borders is 2 969 km. Belarus is bigger than Austria, Ireland, Portugal and Greece. Minsk is the capital of Belarus. It’s situated nearly at the same latitude as Hamburg and Dublin.

Population: 9 457 500 persons, as of July, 1st 2012, the share of urban population is 75.8%. Population of the biggest cities of the Republic of Belarus, as

of June, 1st 2012:

Minsk – 1 889 091 people

Brest – 322 716 people

Gomel – 509 253 people

Vitebsk – 367 600 people

Grodno – 349 092 people

Mogilev – 363 918 people

Major nationalities are Belarusians: 83.73%, Russians: 8.26%, Poles: 3.1%, Ukrainians: 1.7%, Jews: 0.1%, other nationalities: 0.8%.

Local Time: GMT +2H.

State Languages: Belarusian and Russian.

Belarus is one of economically developed countries in CIS. Its economic share of industry is nearly one third of national product’s volume. The most developing branches of industry are motor-car construction, machine-tool construction and bearing production, electrical industry, oil mining and processing, production of synthesized fiber, fertilizers, pharmaceutical industry, production of building materials, light and food industries. Characteristic feature of national industry is production of finished commodity, the most part of which is exported.

Administrative Division, largest cities: Belarus consists of 6 regions (Brest Region, Vitebsk Region, Gomel Region, Grodno Region, Minsk Region, Mogilev Region). Each region comprises districts (118), cities and other territorial and administrative units. Largest cities are Minsk (1 834 200 people), Gomel (484 300 people), Vitebsk (348 800 people), Brest (310 800 people), Mogilev (354 000 people), Grodno (328 000 people).

Capital: Minsk. Distances between Minsk and major cities of Europe are as follows: Amsterdam: 1 876 km, Berlin: 1 105 km, Bern: 2 264 km, Brussels: 2 060 km, Warsaw: 548 km, Vienna: 1 271 km, Vilnius: 185 km, Hamburg: 1 389 km, Kiev: 559 km, Moscow: 690 km, Paris: 2 310 km, Prague: 1 161 km, Riga: 476 km, Rome: 2 324 km, St. Petersburg: 901 km, Stockholm: 867 km, Helsinki: 1 328 km, Tallinn: 784.

Telephone codes: +375 (international), Minsk: +17, Brest: +162, Vitebsk: +212, Mogilev: +222, Gomel: +232, Grodno: +152.

National Currency: Belarusian Rouble [Br]. Cash money is available in paper banknotes with nominal value 10 – 100 000 Br. Information about exchange rates you can find at www.nbrb.by

Natural Conditions and Resources: Belarus has relatively favorable natural conditions with climate temperate continental, the average temperature in January is minus 6.7°C, and in July +18°C. The annual precipitation rate constitutes between 550 and 700 mm. The terrain is mainly flat and hilly with average height of 160 metres above sea level. The highest peak level is that of Dzerzhinsk hill in Minsk Region (345 metres above sea level), the lowest point belongs to Neman valley in Grodno Region (80-90 metres above sea level). There are around 4 000 rivers in Belarus (the longest is the Dnieper (700 km), the Beresina (613 km), The Pripyats (495 km) and approximately 11 000 lakes (the biggest ones are Naroch (79.6 sq. km), Osveyskoye (52.8 sq. km) and Chervonoye (40.8 sq. km)). Thirty different types of minerals were discovered on the territory of Belarus (more than 4 000 deposits of minerals). Belarus ranks second in Europe by volumes of potassium salt reserves. 38% of territory of the Republic is covered by woods. Agricultural lands constitute 44% of the territory, including plough-lands (27.3%).

General information

Official name: Republic of Belarus.

State languages: Belarusian and Russian.

Population: about 10 million people.

Capital: Minsk.

Public Holidays

1st of January — New Year

7th of January — Christmas (Orthodox)

8th of March — Women’s day
1st of May — Labour day

9,hof May — Victory day

Time zone: GMT+2.

Climate: moderate; mild, humid winter, worm humid summer. Average temperature in January is -6 °C, in July - +18 °C.

Belarus is divided into 6 oblasts with administrative centers Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, and Mogilev.

3rd of July — Independence Day

7th of November — day of October revolution

25th of December — Christmas (Catholic)

State institutions and most shops do not open in these days.


To call abroad from Belarus dial 8, wait for dial tone, than dial 10, country code, city code, number. To call from a phone box you need to buy a phone card; cash, credit and debit cards are not acceptable. Phone cards can be bought in post offices, newspaper kiosks.

Useful phone numbers

101 - Rescue service (fire brigade)

102 - Police

103 - Ambulance

114 - Bus stations

105 - Railway stations

106 - Airport

107 - Taxi

169 - Pharmacy information

199 - Information about emergency service numbers

188 - Correct time

195 - Weather forecast

Local transport

There is a wide well-developed transport network in Belarus towns - buses, trolleybuses, trams, metro (in Minsk) and shuttles. Single ticket charge varies from 0,3 to 0,7 USD.


All foreigners must have medical insurance issued by Belarusian or foreign insurance company acknowledged in Belarus.


All foreign visitors must register with Visas and Registrations Department. Those who stay in a hotel are automatically
registered; registration fee is already included in the hotel price. Those of visitor or business visas who rent a flat must register with local Visas and Registrations Department within three days (get a special stamp in passport).

Places to visit

Minsk and Minsk region: Nezavisimosti Avenue, Troitskoe Predmestye, National Library, Stalin’s Line, National Park
Narochanski, Berezenski Biosphere Reserve.

Brest and Brest region: Brest Fortress, National Park Belovejskaya Puscha, Belaya Veja (Kamenets), Puslovski Palace (Kossovo), Sapega Palace (Rujany), Franciscan Monastery (Pinsk).

Vitebsk and Vitebsk region: Blagoveschenskaya Church, Town Hall, Mark Shagal’s Places, St. Sophia cathedral (Polotsk), Spaso-Efrosinyevski Monastery (Polotsk), Braslavskie Ozera National Park.

Gomel and Gomel region: Rumyansev-Paskevich Palace and Park, Pripyatski National Park, Arts and Crafts Museum (Vetka), Churches in Mozyr, Town Hall (Chechersk), Manor of Lieutenant General Gatovski (Krasni Bereg).

Grodno and Grodno Region: Fami Church, Old Castle and New Castle, Borisoglebskaya Church, Mir Castle (Mir), Novogrudok, Murovanka.

Mogilev and Mogilev region: Ulitsa Leninskaya, Mogilev Legitimate Theater, St. Stanislau Church, Nikolaevskaya Church,
Bobruisk, Main Synagogue (Bihov).

More detailed information is available from tourist information centers.

Tourist information centers


— 19 Pobediteley Avenue

Phone+375 17 226 99 00

— 24 Revolutsionnaya Street

Phone +375 17 293 39 95


15 Masherova Avenue

Phone+375 162 20 21 98


18 Pravdi Street

Phone+375 212 35 81 50


61 Sovetskaya Street

Phone +375 232 57 43 63


—10 Belusha Lane

Phone +375 152 75 42 03

— 52 Gorkogo Street

Phone: +375 152 72 24 04


5A Kommisariatski Lane

Phone +375 222 22 41 72

http:// belarustourism.by


  1. Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”, Association of Legal Entities (RCE ALE)Описание: 23 RKP

11 –115, Serafimovicha str.,

220033, Minsk, Belarus

Tel./fax: +37517 298 24 41, 298 24 47

E-mail: rce.by.man@


Contact persons: Vladimir Karyagin – Chairman of the Board of RCE; Igor Chernyakov– Chairman of RCE in 2013; Viktar Margelov–Co-Chairman of RCE; Nicolay Silinov–Co-Chairman of RCE.

Association of legal entities “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship” (hereinafter referred to as Confederation) was established on August 2nd, 2007 in Minsk on the initiative of regional and sectoral business associations. “National Business Platform of Belarus” became the uniting concept of the Confederation. Annually business community presents the Platform to the Government, governmental bodies of the Republic of Belarus, foreign partners and general public. Leading industry business associations and economic enterprises are members of the Confederation.

Aims of the Confederation:

  • protection of members’ rights and interests in governmental and other bodies

  • representation of business community interests in international organizations

  • preparation of draft laws

  • development of interregional relations

  • integration of Belarusian entrepreneurs into the global economic system

  • development of social partnership system, promotion of dialogue between business community, government and society

  • promotion of economic reforms aimed at improving efficiency of economic entities’ activity


  • development of private-public partnership system in the Republic of Belarus

  • creation of a republican business network

  • promotion of regional and sectoral business associations development

  • consolidation of the business community

  • making suggestions to the government bodies on the improvement of business development conditions, first of all – presentation of “National Business Platform of Belarus” (see the text at www.allminsk.biz) and its promotion on republican and regional levels.

Business bodies under foundation within the framework of the Confederation:

  • Chamber of exporters

  • Chamber of importers

  • Chamber of investors

  • Guild of motorway service

  • Association of trade enterprises

Centres within the framework of the Confederation:

  • Centre of property rights, rights of managers and entrepreneurs

  • Analytical centre for studying problem issues of individual entrepreneurship

  • Centre of cluster development

  • Centre of technology transfer

  • Centre of export support

  • Centre of intercultural dialogue

Associations within the framework of the Confederation:

  • Association of logistics

  • Association of procurers and processors of waste products

  • Association of poultry-keeping enterprises

The Expert Council on Investments in the Republic of Belarus is an institution under the Confederation the mission of which is to select investment projects in Belarus, promote investment activity and the development of the national business network. The Council will submit the projects selected to the foreign investors.

Representative office in Latvia


Krišjāņa Barona iela, 20, ofiss 602,

Rīga, Latvija, LV1050

Tel.: +371-67821294, +371-22025857

e-mail: rce.riga@

Head – AndrisSpulis

Representative office of the Belarusian economy in Germany


Messe-Allee 2, D-04356, Leipzig, Deutschland

тел.: +49 341 6031704,

факс +49 341 6031405



Head–Viktar Serenkov

Informational resources of the RCE: weekly analytical bulletin “Announcement of Business Events” (“Announcement of Business Events of Belarus”, “Business navigator” (direct to 20,000 subscribers), newspaper “Soyuz predprinimatelei”).

We offer to entrepreneurs from different countries to implement joint projects with Confederation and members of our organization.

We offer to our partners support in promotion of their products at Belarusian and other markets, opportunities to install business contacts all over the Belarus.

We will present investment projects selected by the Expert Council on Investments in the Republic of Belarus.


  1. «Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers», Public Association (MCAEE, PA)Описание: Союз.png

11 104, Serafimovicha str.,

220033 Minsk Belarus

Tel./Fax: +37517 298 24 38, 298 24 48

E-mail: souz@allminsk.biz


Contact person: Vladimir Karyagin – Chairman of the Association, Deputy Chairman of Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers), and Chairman of Presidium of Association of Legal Entities “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”

Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers is a non-governmental and non-for-profit organization. It was founded in 1997 and consolidates founders, heads and leading specialists of enterprises of small-, medium-sized and large business, including joint ventures and foreign companies. The information network has over 25 000 partners.

PA MCAEE is an active member of ANO “Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers)”, Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and European Confederation of Associations of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (CEA-PME), Club of Poznan Office of World Trade Centre (WTC-Poznan). Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers is one of the largest, most influential and active associations of business community in Belarus. Being an integrator of Belarusian entrepreneurial movement, MCAEE showed its initiative to create the program document “Belarus National Business Platform”. MCAEE actively promotes Platform ideas on national and local levels. Initiator of creation and one of founders of ALE “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”.

International programs of PA MCAEE give a real chance to find business partners, meet new business ideas, standards and technologies. MCAEE holds contact exchanges, visits of international exhibitions and fairs, foreign business trips (annually from 15 to 25), business missions and meetings with foreign business delegations in Belarus.

Our aims are:

  • assistance in export of goods and services of the Association‘s members,

  • support of investors, joint entrepreneurship, development of economic integration

  • participation in international division of labor.

We offer to our potential partners: assistance in searching for business contacts, investment projects, promotion of goods and services to Belarusian and other markets; information and marketing assistance, affirmation of reputation of Belarusian companies.

We offer support in protection of rights and representation of interests and government level.

We are ready to cooperate with national, regional and branch- associations of entrepreneurs and employers.

We offer to entrepreneurs from abroad the implementation of mutual projects with our Association members.

We look forward to working with you.

3. Newspaper edition office “Association of entrepreneurs” Описание: Бланк Газеты.jpg

11 104, Serafimovicha str.,

220033, Minsk, Belarus

Tel./fax: +375 17 298 24 46, +375 17 298 24 38

E-mail: 21vek@allminsk.biz; reklama@allminsk.biz; news@allminsk.biz

Contact persons: Halina Ilyashchuk – editor in chief, Barys Zaleski – first deputy of editor in chief.

Newspaper of Association of legal entities “Republican confederation of entrepreneurs”, PA “Minsk capital association of entrepreneurs and employers”, ESC “Center XXI century”.

Circulation: from 3000 to 10000 copies.

Print: full-color and (or) black and white. Delivers all over the Belarus territory by subscription, through regional and branch business-associations and at the biggest exhibitions in Republic Belarus.

Welcome to cooperation: business – associations, banks, enterprises and organizations, industrialists and entrepreneurs, advertising agency.

We provide advertising services, accept offers on edition of special newspapers for customer and his events.

4. „RAD-Zaschita”, Ltd.


1-14H, Skripnikova str.,

220121, Minsk, Belarus

Ph./fax: +37517 2011836, +37517 2011840,

+37517 2011849, +37517 2011542

GSM: +37529 6530964, +37529 8775005

e-mail: rengen@tut.by

Contact person: Nick Salnikov – director

“RAD-Zaschita”, Ltd. – specialized project organization dealing with radiac and medical objects projecting in Belarus.

“RAD-Zaschita”, Ltd. – has a licence of Gospromnadzor of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus № 02300/0559445 for radiac and medical objects projecting, licence of Ministry of architecture and building of Belarus № 02250/0004437 and code certificate of quality management system for development of project documentation for I and II responsibility level building and constructions and radiac objects projecting ISO 9001-2009.

We carry out all spectrum of works on projecting including:

  • Architectural and construction approaches;

  • Internal and external electrification and lightening;

  • Internal and external water supply and canalization;

  • Internal and external heating and ventilation;

  • Treatment gas-supply;

  • Nets of communication and local computer nets;

  • Medical technological approaches;

  • Calculation of radiac protection from roentgen and neutron rays;

  • Calculation of radiac protection from gamma-rays;

Our company deals with specialized projecting of high-tech medical objects, such as:

  • Hospitals and medical centers of wide range, specialized oncological and cardiological centers, maternity homes, radiological centers;

  • Surgical and intensive cure units of GMP standards;

  • Rooms for computer and magnetic tomographs and linear accelirators installation;

“RAD-Zaschita”, Ltd. carry out works all over Belarus.

Among our aims:

  • Study of modern molding market.

Contacts with foreign partners with the aim of their production promotion

5. “Tempo”, Ltd.

3A-1, bulvar Druzhby

227000, Mozyr, Belarus

Tel.fax: +375236359018

e-mail: privoz-tempo@


Contact persons: Mikalai Sidarenka – director, Eduard Sidarenka – deputy director.

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