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UK EMPLOYER’s Business Visa Letter.



Dear Sir /Madame.

We write on behalf of ( APPLICANTS FULL NAME, D.O.B, NATIONALITY, PASSPORT No.) who is currently employed by ( UK Co. ). Mr X has leave to remain in the UK till (DATE ) as ( DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES ) and needs to travel frequently to attend business meetings with our clients*. He is next scheduled to travel to attend a meeting on ( DATES & DURATION OF TRIP ) with ( FOREIGN Co. ) in ( TOWN , COUNTRY ) . Mr X will not be undertaking any work whilst in ( COUNTRY ) and will return to the U K at the end of his trip. He will remain on the UK payroll and we confirm that ( UK Co ) will be responsible for all Mr X s costs including living expenses , accommodation and flights. He is also covered by the company’s medical insurance.

(If you want a multiple visa add this paragraph)

Mr X will be returning to ( COUNTRY ) for further meetings during the course of the next six months* and we would therefore be grateful if you would be kind enough to grant Mr X a six month multiple visa. Should have any queries or require more information please contact ( CONTACT NAME & TEL No. )

Yours etc,




  • You could describe how important it is to your business that Mr X is able to attend these meetings and the nature of them but do not mention projects or anything that might imply that he is undertaking work in the country. Keep it brief as visa officers have neither the time nor the inclination to read long letters.

  • To obtain a longer multiple visa you could provide future dates of proposed meetings in the same country. However if applying for a Schengen visa to say France, you should only refer to future meetings in that country. If you mention other Schengen states the danger is they may decide that France will not be the main destination overall for the next six months and only grant you a short visa . You can mention meetings in other Schengen states but make sure that during the period of the visa you are applying for, the majority of them are taking place in France.

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