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October 2013



Purpose and Eligibility

These Fellowships are provided by a generous bequest from the late James Yule Bogue, former Research Fellow in the Department of Physiology and at one time Deputy Chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Division of ICI. They are available to postgraduate research students (subject to approval from the funding agency) and to postdoctoral researchers (normally within 6 years of receiving a doctoral degree). Their purpose is to support, either in full or in part, visits to carry out research in laboratories in the USA and Canada for up to 6 months (due to limited funding, requests for 12 months would be considered under exceptional circumstances only and that the majority of applications were for 3 – 6 months), in order ‘to enrich the research experience and help develop the scientific career of the Fellow’. Applications will be considered for attendance at advanced, high quality laboratory-based courses at Cold Spring Harbor, Woods Hole and the like, but not for attendance at other types of meeting (see below).

Please note that applicants attending advanced courses are expected to have applied for funding from other sources to help with tuition and accommodation costs.

Since the Bogue scheme was introduced in 1998/9, close to 150 Fellowship awards have been made for visits of between two weeks and 12 months. The number of Fellowships available is not fixed and will be determined by availability of funds (likely to be in the region of £45,000 in 2012/13), the level of support requested by applicants and the ranking of the applications by the Fellowships Committee. The previous award of a Bogue Fellowship does not debar an individual from applying for a further award.

Fellowships are restricted to applicants whose research is in the area of Physiology and Cognate Sciences (i.e. most areas of the life and basic biomedical sciences). Those working in Clinical Medicine and Psychiatry are specifically excluded. Students or postdoctoral researchers carrying out basic research in clinical Departments are, however, eligible.

Applicants should note that it was the wish of Dr. Bogue that those awarded Fellowships should agree, as far as practicable, to return to UCL for a period of years following tenure of the Fellowship (applicants must have guaranteed funding to remain at UCL for a minimum period of 6 months after returning from the USA). Part of the purpose of the awards is that applicants should transfer skills that they have acquired in North America back to UCL.

NB Fellowships are not available for travel to scientific meetings or for visits to North American laboratories to give talks and/or to search for positions. Nor can they be used as a means of extending beyond the normal termination date, the period of support provided by a stipend or salary (from whatever source). The Fellowship does not cover the cost of consumables.

Extent and nature of support available

The Fellowships Committee which considers applications has considerable flexibility in determining the level of support to be provided for successful applicants and will assess this individually for each Fellow.

The Fellowships can be used either to support the full (or major) costs of visits, or to provide supplementation for support from other sources such as a stipend or salary which will continue to be paid during the tenure of the Fellowship and/or other funds available/raised for the specific purpose of the visit. Fellowships are intended to provide not only for the basic costs of the visit (i.e. return travel to and from North America and subsistence, or a contribution to subsistence, while carrying out the research project) but also to allow the Fellow to enjoy the opportunity of travel within North America and exposure to its culture and people and applicants are encouraged to include requests for funds for this purpose in their application. These components of the proposal should be proportionate with the overall duration of the visit in terms of both time and cost - it is not appropriate to request funding for travel that represents more than 10% of the overall cost of the trip. In addition, the Fellowship can include provision for additional costs if the Fellow is accompanied by a spouse, although again these requests must be balanced against the whole cost of the trip. In the case of postgraduate students (predoctoral), applications will be considered for the full cost (stipend plus travelling costs) of a full year in an appropriate laboratory or laboratories (i.e. extending the PhD programme to 4 years) where there is a compelling scientific case and with the agreement of the organisation providing the funds for the 3 year PhD programme. Wellcome Trust supported Fellows or Scholars are eligible to be considered for Bogue Fellowships but the Trust recommends that any plans to undertake visits to the USA or Canada should be discussed with them before an application for a Bogue Fellowship is submitted.

Cost of Living and Additional Expenses:

When calculating your estimated expenses, it is important to consider costs for accommodation, subsistence, transportation, insurance and visas. The cost of living can vary significantly by location and lifestyle. However, if you will continue to receive a salary or PhD stipend while you are away, this should still be sufficient to cover routine maintenance costs if you stay in self catering accommodation. It is understood that if you are staying in hotel accommodation for short visits, maintenance will be more expensive.

All Overseas Travel requirements should be booked through UCL's recommended Travel Agents – these are Ian Allan Travel Ld, or STA Travel in the University of London Union. Contact details for Ian Allan Travel Ltd are: telephone: 0845 872 6011; email: universities@ianallan.co.uk).  However, if Fellows are under the age of 26, they may be able to get discounted flights from STA Travel in the University of London Union (Tel: 0871 702 9848; email: manager.ulu@statravel.co.uk)

Conditions of award

  1. On return to UCL the Fellow will be required to provide a report to the Fellowship Committee of approximately 1000 words and must agree also to provide other reports for UCL publications if requested to do so.

  1. Normally Fellows will receive their awards in the form of a sterling cheque, which they should deposit in their bank accounts in the UK. Because of restrictions imposed by US banks on opening accounts, most Fellows find it convenient to use a credit card for settling bills and drawing cash. If necessary, an advance to cover the purchase cost of air tickets will be provided.

  1. The award must be taken up within 12 months of the date awarded unless special permission to delay has been obtained from the Committee. Applicants must still meet the eligibility criteria if a request is made to delay taking up the award.

Application and Selection Procedures

Application forms (available from http://www.ucl.ac.uk/lifesciences-faculty/research/bogue/ or by contacting Jane Inge, Life Sciences Faculty Office, tel: 020 7679 0879, email: ge@ucl.ac.uk), should be completed and submitted by 30th October 2013. You will be informed of the decision on the application end of November/early December 2013. Your application should include:

  1. An outline of the purpose of the proposed visit and of the research to be undertaken, indicating how the visit will contribute to the scientific development of the Fellow and to that of UCL, together with reasons for selecting the particular laboratory or laboratories. It is critical that the proposal makes it absolutely clear what will be done during the visit and why this is important in the overall context of the project.

  1. A letter of support from a supervisor in the case of postgraduate students, and from the Head of Laboratory and/or Head of Department in the case of postdoctoral applicants. In the case of postgraduate students a letter of approval from the funding agency (or other body or individual) providing the main funding for the PhD, is also required.

  1. A letter from the Head of the Host laboratory (laboratories) confirming that the project and arrangements proposed by the applicant are acceptable and giving details of any local funding that is supporting the visit.

  1. An outline of the costs involved in the visit i.e. travel, subsistence and incidental expenses for the applicant, the cost of leisure time/holiday activities, and where appropriate, the costs associated with applicant's spouse. Students who have not yet obtained a PhD should check carefully the regulations concerning obtaining visas and ensure that any necessary costs are included in their application.

  1. It is essential that the timing of the visit occurs at least 6 months before the end of current funding. It is not sufficient to say that applications have been made for further funding. Proposals that fail to take this into account will not be considered.

  1. A statement of current support obtained and support that has been made available, or applied for, from other sources.

  1. A clear statement of the applicant's career aspirations and future plans, with special reference to the period immediately after the tenure of the Fellowship, if awarded.

  1. The Committee may wish to interview applicants. Please, therefore, provide details of any days/periods in the month in which the decision is due to be announced when you would not be available.

  1. NB: Applications cannot be made retrospectively.

Please note that the application form must be completed in full:

ALL information requested should be included on the form

Applications (8 copies) should be submitted to:

Professor M Duchen

Chair, Bogue Committee

c/o Jane Inge, Life Sciences Faculty, The Medical School Building, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT

(Internal Address: Room 241, the Medical School Building, 74 Huntley Street)

[tel. 020 7679 0879; email: rmyajai@ucl.ac.uk]

Deadline for receipt of applications is : 4.00pm, 30th October 2013

In addition to the 8 hardcopies, you should send an electronic version of the application and all relevant documents to ge@ucl.ac.uk All documents should be merged into one pdf file.


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