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The Beez Kneez LLC

Urban Apiary Host Site

Information Sheet

The Beez Kneez LLC is a Twin Cities honeybee education organization.  We’re Reviving the Hive!

  • Through our education program, Community Bees on Bikes, we:

    • Keep honey bee hives at community host sites

    • Teach hands-on beekeeping education to kids and adults through group and individual classes.

  • We deliver local, raw, unprocessed honey by bicycle to the sweet people of the Twin Cities.

  • We offer honey extraction services and beekeeper support at the Beez Kneez Honey House.

More information on our programming at

How do we choose Urban Apiary Hosts?

The Beez Kneez teaches about bees through experiential inquiry learning- we choose host sites based on:

  • the strength and excitement of the partnership

  • geographic location (We tend the hives on our bikes.  We're limiting our host sites to Minneapolis and St. Paul for 2014)

  • access for education programming

We have various sized classes- we like to have a balance of sites- some that are good for classes of 15, others better for classes of 1-2 people. Some of our current host sites have education focused for that site, so we teach Blake students at the Blake hives for example- an option for each site.) 

We started this program because we love bees and love bees as a teaching tool. We'd love to be able to teach classes at your site, unless we've already talked to you about production hives.

What The Beez Kneez provides:

  • All beekeeping equipment, hives, and bees for two hives. 

  • Ongoing maintenance of these hives; all care of bees throughout the entire season.

  • One free experiential education class on bees, beekeeping, and pollination for up to 15 people at your site (with ongoing programming available, see for more class information)

  • We apply for the honeybee permit required by Minneapolis/ St. Paul Animal Control and will hold the permit for the bees at your host site.  We meet the education requirement of the permit and receive a discount on fees because we hold many permits (which we pass on to you!)

  • We own the bees and equipment, and we have insurance on them.  The Beez Kneez provides liability insurance coverage for bees and all equipment.

  • The pollination services and informal observational education that onsite hives bring.

What The Beez Kneez requires of our Host Sites:

  • Interested, committed partners- we need a main contact at each site, and, if your hives are accessible through a locked space, an additional contact or two in case of emergency.

  • Access to the bees, including short notice access in case of emergency (extreme weather.)

  • To keep honeybees in the Twin Cities, you need a permit from the City.  The Beez Kneez will hold your bee permit.  We require our host sites to complete the neighborhood parts of the permit.  Those are:

o   Agreement, in writing, from the site landowner agreeing to allow bees to be kept on their property

o   The beehives need to be kept 25 feet from a neighbor’s live-able space.

  We’ll need to send the city send a sketch, photo or detailed description of where the hives will be, including distances from lot lines and buildings.

o   Beez Kneez host sites are responsible for building, general maintenance, and security of a 10 x 10 slatted fence, minimally 6’ high with a combination lock, or appropriate flyaway barrier required of listed property installed on site, unless hives are to be located on a roof higher than above one story.

    • Agreement from 100% of your immediate neighbors, and 80% of neighbors within 250 feet of the hives, unless hives are to be located on a roof higher than one story. The City will send out a list of these addresses for signature after we apply for the permit.

  • $500 annual maintenance fee, which includes the permit fee the city requires, and may be offset by education programming onsite.

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