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0f Memorandum of Understanding


CORNELL UNIVERSITY for and on behalf of

[College or Unit], Ithaca, New York, United States of America


[COLLABORATIVE INSTITUTION, for and on behalf of

College or Unit if Applicable], [Collaborator Country]

Unless specifically set out below, this Agreement incorporates the terms and conditions set forth in the attached Memorandum of Understanding between Cornell University (hereinafter “Cornell”) and [Collaborative Institution] (hereinafter “Xxxxxx”).


This Project Agreement seeks to broaden the scope of the academic curriculum and to provide a unique learning experience for [graduate/undergraduate/both] students in an overseas environment, as well as to promote co-operation between the two institutions. The Parties agree on the terms and conditions stated below:

Article 1

The Parties

1.1 [Collaborative Institution, Country, Specific College or Program if indicated], hereinafter referred to as [‘Abbreviated Collaborative Institution Name’].

1.2 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA, for and on behalf of [Specify College or Unit if applicable] hereinafter referred to as ‘Cornell’ [or unit abbreviation if applicable].

Article 2

Admission/Selection Requirements for Exchange Students

2.1 Define academic selection criteria [i.e. GPA, SAT, GRE, etc].

2.2 Define language proficiency criteria [i.e. minimum TOEFL score].

2.3 Define experiential criteria if any [i.e. X years of work experience in a related field].

2.4 Define any other selection criteria [i.e. essay, interests, research, portfolio, etc.].

Article 3


3.1 Define ‘exchange period’ [i.e. either one or two consecutive, academic semesters, or equivalent, but no longer than two academic semesters, or equivalent, in which the student is attached].

3.2 Define ‘exchange student’ [i.e. an [undergraduate/graduate/either an undergraduate or graduate student who participates in the exchange program].

3.3 The ‘home institution’ is the institution in which the student is originally enrolled. The ‘host institution’ is the institution to which the exchange student is attached for the duration of his/her exchange.

3.4 Define ‘unit of exchange’ [i.e. defined as one student attending part of or an entire semester (or equivalent period)].

3.5 Define any other terms that may be needed [i.e. full-time vs. part-time, etc.].

Article 4

Student Exchange Parameters [Modify as Appropriate]

4.1 The exchange agreement is founded on a reciprocal basis, with the intention of achieving an equal number of units of exchange each way every year.

4.2 Two students in attendance for one semester each will be counted as the equivalent of one student for two semesters. In either case, two units of exchange will have been achieved.

4.3 A maximum of two (2) units of exchange each way per academic year will initially be arranged. The number of units of exchange may be amended by mutual agreement.

4.4 There is no obligation on either institution to nominate students for the exchange program or to accept any students nominated.

4.5 Exchange students will continue as candidates for degrees of their home institution, and will not be candidates for degrees of the host institution.

4.6 Exchange students will be subject to the academic and conduct rules of the host institution, and the applicable laws of the host country.

4.7 The home institution will be responsible for screening and selecting students for this exchange program, subject to acceptance by the host institution. Students must be proficient in the language of instruction at the host institution to qualify for nomination as set forth in Article 2.2.

4.8 The host institution will assist with housing and other matters of hospitality and student support, but does not guarantee housing and will not include financial assistance of any kind.

4.9 Exchange students will be responsible for meeting c0untry visa requirements for entry into the exchange program, obtaining their own visas and completing the required immigration formalities, and for obtaining the travel and other related documents needed to pursue studies at the host institution.

4.10 The obligations of the two institutions under this agreement are limited to exchange students only and do not extend to spouses and dependents.

4.11 No monetary consideration will be exchanged between the two institutions, nor will there be any indemnities, reimbursements for expenses, or sharing of fees or profits arising from the exchange program.

4.12 If the exchange student voluntarily withdraws before the end of the course, it will be considered as a completed exchange from the institution concerned. The parties agree that there will be no replacement for the student.

Article 5

Student Enrollment, Attendance and Assessment

5.1 Exchange students will be permitted to enroll at the host institution in any course for which they are qualified, subject to meeting admission requirements, prerequisites, and timetable and capacity constraints of the host institution.

Exchange students accepted at Cornell will be admitted into a major in the college or unit specified under this agreement. It will be expected that students applying to the exchange program will be interested in taking the majority of their classes in this college or unit. Enrollment in classes in other colleges at Cornell is possible but cannot be guaranteed.

    1. Full time participation in these courses by the students is required. Full time will be defined by the host institution.

5.3 Exchange students will obtain credits for the courses in accordance with the regulations of the home institution. Official transcripts for each student will be sent directly to the home institution at the end of each semester of the exchange period. At Cornell, exchange students must request that their transcripts be sent to their home institution.

Article 6

Burden of Tuition, Fees, and Other Costs

6.1 Exchange students will pay tuition and enrollment/application fees at their home institution during the exchange period. They will be exempted only from tuition and enrollment/application fees at the host institution. [This may need further clarification as to what fees the exchange student may be responsible for.]

6.2 Exchange students will pay for all personal expenses incurred at the host institution, including visa, housing, travel, meals, health, books and stationery required; student services and student union/association fees as applicable at the host institution; and any fee or charge in connection with practical work directly associated with their course(s) of study.

Article 7

Student Insurance

7.1 All exchange students will be required to be covered by adequate personal health (including hospitalization) insurance for the exchange period.

      1. At Cornell, all incoming exchange students will be automatically enrolled in Cornell’s Student Health Insurance Plan unless a waiver is accepted.

      2. All Cornell students are required to have international accident and medical insurance that is able to respond in the country they are visiting.

      3. At [Collaborative institution] students will [define insurance requirements for incoming students here].

      4. All [Collaborative institution] students will [define insurance requirements for outgoing students here].

7.2 Cornell students participating in exchange experiences abroad are required to complete all requirements of travel registration, including printing the ID card for Cornell’s vendor for emergency services, via Cornell’s online International Travel Registry at: http://travelregistry.cornell.edu.

Article 8

Administration of this Agreement

8.1 This Agreement will be administered at [Collaborative Institution] by [Office or governing body at Collaborative Institution] and at Cornell by [Cornell College or Unit Office].

8.2 Designee/Notice: the individuals named below are representatives of the respective parties responsible for the development and coordination of the specific activities contemplated by this Agreement. All notices or communications hereunder should be directed to the persons named below unless another addressee is hereinafter designated by written notice.

For Cornell: For [Collaborative Institution]:

Name: Name:

Title: Title:

Email: Email:

Article 9

Term, Variation and Termination

9.1 This Agreement will be effective for a period of [five (5) years] from the date of the last signature.

9.2 This Agreement may be varied or modified by mutual written agreement.

9.3 This Agreement, subject to revision, may be extended by mutual written agreement at the end of the term.

9.4 Either party will be entitled at any time at its absolute discretion to terminate the agreement by giving written notice six (6) months beforehand to the other. Such termination will not adversely affect any exchange in effect prior to the effective date of the termination.

9.5 Each party will ensure that adequate arrangements are made to complete all commitments that are in process before the exchange agreement is terminated.

Article 10

Entire Agreement/Modification

This MOU constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and may be amended only in writing signed by all parties.

For Cornell For [Collaborative Institution]

Name: Name:

Title: Title:

Signature: Signature:

Date: Date:

Student Exchange Agreement between Cornell University and [Collaborative Institution] Page 8

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