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Thank you for applying to the 2013 Grand River Rodeo.

We want our vendors to play a very vital role in our Rodeo by helping promote the cowboy/cowgirl family spirit of this special event. Your participation will also allow Rodeo-goers the chance to support our local community, craft vendors and fair trade merchants. Priority will be given to applicants who make their product and Canadian made products with exceptions considered on a case by case basis. All vendors need to confirm they are attending the 2013 Grand River Rodeo.

Please note that it is a 3 day Rodeo event. The Grand River Rodeo will take place starting Friday August 16th to Sunday August 18th, 2013 . The Location will be 90 Main Street North Grand Valley at the Grand Valley Fair Grounds and Community Centre. Our Layout for the Rodeo and Vendor area will be shown on a siteplan of the property. Spots this year will be assigned in advance by the Coordinator and the vendor area has been laid out to help promote visibility for everyone.

Please read the following application/contract carefully. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

The vendor fee of $100.00 will be charged for a 12’ X 12’ space and $125.00 for an oversized space. All vendors are required to stay within the confines of that area. This will allow access for emergency personnel should the need arise for them to get into the vendor area in a safe manner.

Vendors must supply their own tables, chairs, lighting etc.

Proof of $2,000,000 liability insurance must be supplied with your signed contract/application.

The vendor will be contacted with information as to location of their site along with parking and vendor pass prior to the event.

Please note that the application shall be treated as a signed contract if a vendor is accepted to the Grand River Rodeo.

Vendors are responsible for providing their own meals



All vendors shall, at his/her own expense, obtain and keep in force during the term of the contract, Public Liability insurance in an amount not less than $2 million for each occurrence.


Prior to the Rodeo load in and set up times will be arranged with each vendor. Vendors will unload materials onto the site, in accordance with the schedule arranged in advance with the site coordinator.


During the Rodeo’s operating hours, some vendors may need to bring supplies onto the site Please note that designated personnel MUST be on hand during the load-in.

There will be no exceptions to this. In order to preserve the site, no vehicles will be allowed on the site during the Rodeo unless authorized by the site coordinator, therefore all vendors must bring their own carts or trolleys in order to transport their supplies from the parking area to their space. Designated vehicle loading times (before the gate opens) may be arranged.


While on the Rodeo Site please address any problems, questions or concerns directly to the site coordinator.


The Grand River Rodeo reserves the right to authorize sponsors to sell or distribute freely their product during the Rodeo, at any time and location set by the Rodeo.


In the event that the Grand River Rodeo terminates the contract, the vendor shall cease to occupy and carry on business, and the vendor shall vacate the premises during nonoperational hours or as specified in writing by the Rodeo Site Coordinator.


It is against the law to consume any form of alcohol outside the licensed fenced in area, except when the alcohol is purchased from a licensed concessionaire and consumed inside the licensed area. Violations could put the Grand River Rodeo’s license in jeopardy. For that reason, any person who is found consuming contraband alcohol, or who is found consuming alcohol anywhere that is not a designated licensed area, will be required to leave the Rodeo Site immediately and the vendor fees and/or cost of admission will not be refunded.

THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION IS JULY 31ST, 2012 successful applicants will be contacted.


Box 399

Grand Valley, Ontario L9W 7G1

By signing this application, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined by the Grand River Rodeo.

Applicant’s signature:_____________________________________________ Date:____________________

Business Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Your Name: __________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Assistance (one only):_____________________________________________________________


City:_________________________ Province:_________________________Postal Code:________________

Phone (Day):________________________________ (Evening):_____________________________________

(Cell):________________________________________ Fax:____________________________________________

E-mail:_______________________________________ Website:_______________________________________

Please provide a short description of the items you are selling






Glass_______ Jewelry_______ Clothing _______ Paper_______ Wood_______ Metal________



Each Vendor parking pass along with vendor admission bands will be given out upon arrival for setup, please see the Vendor Coordinator.

If your application is accepted, a copy counter-signed by Site Coordinator will be returned to you, along with a siteplan showing vendor location.

To apply to be a Vendor at the 2013 Grand River Rodeo please include the following with your signed application form:

  • Completed application form (uncompleted forms will be returned)

  • A cheque for $100.00 plus for each 12’ x 12’ space. Or $125.00 for an oversized space (Payable to the Grand River Rodeo). If you are not accepted to the 2013 Grand River Rodeo, your cheque will be returned.

  • A copy of your insurance policy showing a minimum of $2,000,000 liability.


Signature of Vendor Coordinator ________________________________________

Date _______________________________

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