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Thank you for your interest in the Forest Row Village Market

Please ensure that you complete the attached application form and return it to the market manager at market@forestrow.gov.uk or the following address:

The Community centre | Hartfield Road | Forest Row | RH28 5DZ

Or you can phone 01342 822661 with any questions you may have.

The market is held entirely outside (either on Foresters Green or the Community Centre Car park) and there are a maximum of 40 assembled covered stalls (3mt x 3mt with 3ft x 8ft integral table) which cost £25 per unit as well as a limited number of tables (3ftx3ft under cover) available at £15 each. The market runs from 10.00am to 3.00pm. There is live entertainment throughout the day on our central band stand as well as a storytelling venue.

We will have a quota system for the type of product to be sold in order that the

market offers customers a wide range of shopping opportunities. All produce and

products available at the market will be sourced as possible from within a 30 mile

radius of the village apart from special cases where the local business deals in imported crafts and food items. We will try and keep this to a minimum to encourage local producers.

Once completing the application form we will let you know if you have been successful in obtaining a stall and you will receive a confirmation from us. All stallholders will automatically be added to our monthly newspaper (the Marketeer) and website as well as all our social networks and we ask that with your completed form, you send us a photograph (jpeg format please) of your product as well as some ‘blurb’ for this purpose. We will then expect payment for the stall which must be received no later than two weeks in advance of the market.

Cheques can be made out to 'Forest Row Parish Council' and sent to the above address. The Council also accepts electronic payments to the following account:

Unity Trust account 20308478 | Sort Code 08-60-01

Please use reference: MKT followed by your company name. NB. If your payment is not received we will assume you no longer want the stall and offer it to someone else on our waiting list.






















APPLICANT STATEMENT (please tick and sign)

I have read and understood the conditions for the Forest Row Village Market and confirm that I will abide by them.

I confirm that all the information given on this form is true and accurate

I will only sell goods listed here.

I will inform Forest Row Village Market of any changes in products for sale, my production methods or sourcing practice.

I confirm that I am registered as a food business with my local Environmental Health Office.

I will keep my product and public liability insurance up to date for all Forest Row Village Market days I attend.

I understand that Forest Row Village Market operates a sliding cancellation fee and that if I do not give due notice of non-attendance I will be liable to pay the necessary fee.


Please supply a copy of your insurance certificate as well as all other certificates pertaining to your produce.

NB. Completion of this form does not guarantee acceptance



Stallholder Information

Welcome to Forest Row Village Market - a monthly market of produce and crafts held on the first Saturday of each month in the Car Park of the Community Centre. We hope you find working with us a rewarding choice. In this document we hope to let you know what we are looking for in potential stallholders and their products.

Stalls cost £25 for a canopied 8ft stall. There are a limited number of smaller stalls (table type with umbrella) available at £15 each. The cost includes the erection and removal of the stall. Please note that signing the application form indicates agreement and compliance with the following, please read carefully:

Primary Produce: priority will be given to "Primary Produce", e.g. vegetables and fruit, eggs, milk, meat, and fish.

Local Produce: Preference will be given to goods raised, grown, produced, processed or baked within approximately 30 miles of Forest Row. Our aim is to provide a ‘local’ shopping experience that will enable us to reduce CO2 emissions from transport fuel. Priority will be given to the most local producer of any product without compromising quality.

Stall Operators: stalls do not need to be manned by the producers themselves.

Chemicals: growers are encouraged to look for alternatives to chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Pricing: food must be marked and priced according to legal requirements. Contact your local Trading Standards Office for more information.

Battery Farming: battery farmed eggs and animal products are excluded from sale.

Competition: we are running a market and inherent in this is the principle of customer choice. This means competition and change if the market is to stay fresh. While the quality of the produce is an important driver, a real market also contains bargains. It is possible to have both; indeed it is essential to attracting customers.

Stall Location and Acceptance: no stallholder is allocated a permanent spot; location will be determined by the market manager.

Although stallholders are not routinely guaranteed a place at the market, there may be circumstances where, say, a booking could be agreed to support a stallholder.

Clean Up: stallholders to remove all unsold produce and leave the market clean.

Setting Up and Taking Down: the stallholders should co-operate with the market manager as to avoid congestion and maintain safety.

Product Usage Advice: the stallholders undertake to provide simple verbal or written cooking/usage advice, if applicable, for the products they supply.

Electrical Power: can be provided by prior arrangement with the market manager, but it is limited

Food Business: all food stallholders will need to be registered as a Food Business

Food Hygiene Certificate: all processed/prepared food sellers will need a Food

Hygiene Certificate.

Food Hygiene: Produce must not be stored directly on the ground.

Certification: if you are an organic producer you will be expected to have your

organic certification available for inspection. This also applies to other Certification schemes.

Legislation: the stallholder is responsible for complying with all laws and regulations regarding the production, preparation, labelling, display, storage and sale of goods. This includes ensuring that all game licences are current.

Insurance: stallholders are required to have public liability and product insurance.

The Market Manager can advise help with this as necessary.

Packaging: stallholders should encourage shoppers to use re-usable shopping bags, or to re-use carrier bags where practicable. All packaging should be kept to a minimum, reusing and recycling where possible. Reusable fabric bags are available from the Council stall for sale (£1).

Complaints: Any complaints should be put in writing addressed to:

The Clerk

Forest Row Parish Council,

Community Centre,

Hartfield Road,

Forest Row,

RH28 5DZ.

The complaint will then be considered by a working group of councillors and the decision made available within a month.

Conflicts: any stallholder whose presence at the market creates a disturbance or bad atmosphere will be given a verbal warning followed by possible suspension.

These Guidelines are only guidelines. Decisions on potential stallholders, and the

balance of stalls in the market, will be made by the Market Organisers for the Benefit of the market as a whole. We are a learning organisation and the market organisers reserve the right to amend these guidelines.

Cancellation Policy

2 weeks prior to market Full refund

Between one and two weeks 50% refund

Less than one week No refund


Stalls are set up by the council. They are assembled each market day and are completed by 8am. Stallholders are asked to come to the market zone from 8am and must be ready for trading by 10am. No stall is allowed to pack up until the close of the market at 3pm unless this has been discussed with the market manager. On arrival, you will be welcomed by a member of our team and told which stall has been allocated to you. Please ensure that no cars are kept within the market area. Once you have unloaded you must move your vehicle to an allocated parking area, please ask a member of staff.

Craft stall holders will be covered by the council’s Public liability insurance but we ask that you sign a disclaimer to protect the council from any litigation that may result from claims resulting from your product sold.

Public Liability Disclaimer

All craft stall holders are strongly advised to be in possession of their own public liability insurance. If this is not possible for whatever reason, you will be covered by the Forest Row Parish Council’s insurance but please note the following:

Any litigation or legal proceedings resulting from products sold at the market will NOT be covered by the Forest Row Parish Council’s public liability umbrella insurance. This is purely for public safety within the Council’s property and CANNOT be extended to cover any outside products brought into the market zone by traders that may incur harm or ill health to any member of the public.

Please sign this disclaimer if you are in agreement with the above terms.





Market manager:


Phone: 01342 822661 : Email: market@forestrow.gov.uk

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