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Certificate Examination in General Insurance (Non-Life)

Rules and Syllabus



World Trade Centre, 2nd floor, East Wing, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai - 400 005.


The Mission of the Institute is to develop professionally qualified and competent bankers and finance professionals primarily through a process of education, training, examinations, consultancy/counselling and continuing professional development programmes.


l To facilitate study of theory & practice of banking and finance.

l To test and certify attainment of competence in the profession of banking and finance.

l To collect, analyze and provide information needed by professionals in banking and finance.

l To promote Continuous Professional Development.

l To promote and undertake research relating to Operations, Products, Instruments, Processes, etc., in Banking and Finance and to encourage innovation and creativity among finance professionals so that they could face competition and succeed.


With the advent of market-oriented approach, globalization, reforms and competition in the insurance sector, the insurance professionals face the challenge to continuously innovate and improve and market their products and services. The need for continuous improvement in the service provided calls for excellence in the performance.

With a view to equipping the prospective insurance professionals to face the challenges ahead, the Institute has developed the ‘Certificate Examination in Insurance’. The said examination is administered by the Institute by on-line (Electronic) and off-line (written examination) mode at select centres all over India. The purpose of this booklet is to guide and assist the persons desirous of appearing for the “Certificate Examination in General Insurance (Non-Life)”. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has granted recognition to the Indian Institute of Bankers (IIB) to conduct examinations as per Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Licensing of Corporate Agents) Regulations, 2002 for the “Certificate Examination in Bancassurance” applicable to the employees of the banks who will act as the specified persons. The IRDA has also granted approval to IIB to be the Examining Body for Corporate Agents as per the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Licensing of Corporate Agents) Regulations, 2002. In addition, IRDA has also granted recognition to IIB to be one of the Examining Bodies for persons desiring to become individual agents under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Licensing of Agents) Regulations, 2000.

Scheme of Certificate Examination in

General Insurance (Non-Life)

1 Name of the Examination 1

2 Objectives 1

3 Eligibility 1

4 Coverage 1

5 Study Material 2

6 Testing 2

7 Procedure for Application 4

8 Procedure for Admission 5

9 Admit Card 6

10 Certificate for Completion of Training 6

11 Examination Discipline 7

12 Certification 9

13 Re-checking/Re-totalling 9

14 Legal Proceedings 9

15 Syllabus 10

16 Examination Centres 15

17 Contact Details 17

18 Application form 19

Rules & Syllabus for Certificate Examination

in General Insurance (Non-Life)

1. Name of the Examination :

The Examination is called “Certificate Examination in General Insurance. This is a pre-entry examination persons intending to enter General Insurance distribution and sales business. There will be separate examinations for Life and Non-Life Insurance.

2. Objectives :

a) To learn the basics of insurance.

b) To understand the legislative and regulatory framework

c) To know role and functions of agents

d) To know and understand different types of products

e) To acquire the skill for selling General Insurance products

f) To acquire the skill to analyse customers’ financial position

3. Eligibility:

l Pass in 12th Standard or equilvalent examination conducted by any recognised Board/Institution, where the applicant resides in a place with a population of five thousand or more as per the last census, and a pass in 10th Standard or equivalent examination from a recognised Board/Institution if the applicant resides in any other place.

l The candidates should complete the mandatory number of hours of practical training in General Insurance business for 100 hours from an Insurance Training Institute accredited by IRDA.

4. Coverage :

l The examination will cover various topics as mentioned in the Syllabus and subsequent developments on the related topics / subjects of the Syllabus. For detailed syllabus please refer subsequent pages. (See Annexure “A”)

5. Study Material :

l Study Material for the examination will be developed by IIB and made available to the candidates for a price to be decided by the Institute.

6. Testing :

a) Duration

l The examination will be of 2 hours duration.

b) Type of Questions :

l Only objective/multiple choice questions will be asked. The candi date is required to indicate the correct answer.

c) Pattern of Questions and Total marks:

l Questions will be asked with different levels of difficulty.

l More marks will be allotted to questions with higher level of difficulty.

l The total number of marks will be 100.

l The examination will be conducted in English medium only.

d) Passing Grade :

l A candidate is required to secure at least 50% marks to be declared successful, and be eligible for receiving certificate.

e) Methodology for Testing :

l The Examination will be conducted both on-line (by use of computer system) and off-line (Written examination). As far as possible the Institute will conduct examination on-line.

The on-line and off-line modes of administering examination are the alternative of each other. The Institute shall not conduct off-line examination wherever on-line examination is conducted.

f) Centres :

l The Examination will be conducted at selected Centres as given in Annexure “B”.

l The Institute will conduct on-line or off-line examination at a particular centre, provided a minimum of 15 candidates opt for appearing at the examination from that centre per time slot. In case the number of candidates is less than 15 for a particular date / time slot, they will be advised to appear at a suitable later date / time and accordingly the examination will be conducted.

g) Frequency of examination :

l The Examination will be conducted on Sundays except those, which are national holidays / Public holidays.

h) Certification :

l The score card (results) of the candidates appearing through manual mode (Off- line) will be despatched by the Institute within seven days of examination. The Institute will send the final certificate in fifteen days time to the eligible candidate.

l Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate for having passed “Certificate Examination in General Insurance.”

l In case of on-line examination, the certificate will be issued within 10 days from the date of examination. Score cards will be available immediately after completion of the examination at the examination venue.

i) Number of Attempts and Validity of Training:

l The candidate has to pass the examination by availing the chance of examinations within 6 months from the date of completion of his/her training, failing which he/she will have to undergo the specified hours of training afresh and thereafter he/she will be eligible to appear at the examination. For repeaters each training will be valid for 6 months for appearing at the examination. There will be no limit on the number of attempts within the said period of six months for appearing at the examination.

j) Fees :

l The fees payable for the Certificate Examination in General Insurance is Rs.500/- for each attempt, payable by a demand draft favouring ‘The Indian Institute of Bankers’ and payable at Mumbai.

7. Procedure for Application :

l IIB (Corporate and four zonal offices) would provide copies of Rules / Syllabus and Examination Application form for a price of Rs. 25/- payable by a demand draft favouring “The Indian Institute of Bankers,” made payable at the place from where the copy is procured.

l IIB would also supply copies of Rules & Syllabus and Application Forms through the major accredited Training Centres to the trainees in General Insurance.

l A candidate desiring to appear at the examination should submit the Examination Application Form in the prescribed format, completed in all respects. The Examination Application Form should accompany examination fees (by way of a DD only) for Rs.500/- favouring “The Indian Institute of Bankers” payable at Mumbai, and 2 recent stamp size photographs of the candidate.

l The Application Form would be in 2 parts – Part “A” containing the “Application for Examination” and Part “B” which will be an Admit Card.

l The applicant should fill up the application (both “Part A” and “Part B”) on the FIRST DAY of Training and should forward it, together with the requisite amount of fee, to The Indian Institute of Bankers, Maker Tower, ‘F’, 19th Floor,Cuffe Parade, Mumbai - 400 005, through courier/speed post / Training Institute. It would be preferred that all the applicants from a single Training Centre send their applications in one cover/lot.

l In case of repeaters the Examination Application Form duly completed in all respects, with requisite fees and photographs, should be sent alongwith an attested copy of Training Completion Certificate to the office of the Institute, 30 days in advance of the notified dates of the examination.The Attestation could be done from the Chief Instructor of Insurance Training Institute or Principal of the local college / school.

8. Procedure for Admission :

l All applications received by the Institute would be scrutinised in relation to the qualification, amount of fees, Training Completion Certificate, centre, date and time selected for examination etc.

l All valid applications would be accepted by the Institute.

l In case of candidates who have not completed the training, in anticipation that he/she would complete Training on the due date mentioned in the application form, the Institute would process the application form.

l The Examination form sent with less amount of fee shall be rejected and the candidate would be required to send a fresh examination form. The earlier examination form and examination fee shall be returned to the candidate.

9. Admit Card :

l Within seven days from the date of receipt of application, the application would be processed as stated above and on acceptance of the Examination Application form, the Institute will send back to the candidate a separate Admit Card or a duly completed Part “B” of the Application Form which will be an Admit Card giving details about the Examination Centre, date, time and venue of the examination either through the Training Centre or individually depending upon category of candidates i.e. those who are undergoing training or those who had earlier completed the training.

l In case there are less than 15 candidates for a particular centre/date/time, a suitable centre, date and time would be found out for such candidates and the same would be informed to them through “Part B” of the examination application form/separate communication which would be used by the candidates as Admit Card.

l The Institute shall not be responsible for not conducting the examination at a centre, if the number of candiates is less than 15.

l Any Excess fee sent with the examination form shall not be refunded to the candidate.

10. Certificate for completion of training from the Training


In the case of those candidates, who had not completed training on the date of the application, the in-charge of the training centre will give on satisfactory completion of the mandatory training,“ a Training Completion Certificate” in the prescribed form as per “Annexure “C” to the candidate who should immediately send the same to IIB for doing the needful.

11. Examination discipline:

l The entry to the examination will be only on production of “Admit Card” as well as duly attested copy of “Training Completion Certificate” issued by the training centre.

l The candidate will have to sign in the attendance sheet having appeared at the test.

l During the course of examination Candidates must :

a) obey the instructions of the ‘Test Administrator’ (TA)

b) not take into the examination room books, periodicals, any written material, cellular phone, Pager etc.

c) maintain complete silence during the examination and not communicate to any candidates or outsider.

In case of off-line examination (Written mode) the candidates must :

a) not begin writing until permission to commence the examination is announced by the invigilator/s.

b) refrain from writing their names/ making any comments anywhere in the Question/Answer booklet other than that necessary in answering questions.

c) stop writing as soon as the scheduled time is elapsed.

d) not leave the examination hall without handing over the Question / Answer booklet to Superintendent/Invigilator/s / Test Administrator on duty. Once Question/Answer booklet is handed over to the invigilator/s /Test Administrator, the same cannot be taken back by the candidate.

l no candidate shall impersonate others or allow others to impersonate himself/herself at the examination.

l receiving or providing unfair assistance is a serious offence under these rules, and a candidate found using any unfair means or in possession of any incriminating material during the test will be expelled from the examination hall and his/her test would be cancelled.

l failure to observe any of these rules will render the candidate liable for disqualification or other penalty as determined by the Institute which may include cancellation of the examination of the candidate/s and/or debarring the candidate/s from appearing for the examination for any period between six months to three years depending upon the nature of malpractice/unfair practice adopted by the candidate.

l for conduct of examination and allowing entry to candidates, the decision of the Test Administrator will be final and binding.

l The candidates would be allowed the use of calculators subject to the following:

The Calculator Should :

a) be pocket size and fully portable

b) be silent while in operation

c) be battery operated

d) not be capable of being programmed by the insertion of tapes or otherwise

e) not have print-out facilities

f) be of the type upto 6 functions and 12 digits

  1. not be capable of retaining/storing data in memory when the calculator is switched off.

Calculators which do not comply with the above conditions and found in possession of the candidates during the examination will be confiscated by the Test Administrator and returned to the candidates at the end of the examination. In case a candidate is found using the calculator not complying with the above conditions in the course of the examination it would amount to adoption of unfair practice at the examination by the candidate concerned and the Institute shall take such action against the candidate as may be deemed appropriate.

12) Certification Process :

Final Certificate would be issued to the successful candidates by the Institute in 15 days from the date of examination.

13) Re-checking of marks / re-totalling of marks :

l The Institute would not allow re-valuation, or re-checking in respect of on-line examination as valuation is done by computer. However, requests for a re-checking of result, i.e., re-totalling of marks and verifying that answers to all questions attempted are duly valued in respect of off-line examinations, is entertained. All requests for such re-checking must be received within 15 days from the date of declaration of the results, along with the remittance of Rs. 80/- by Demand Draft payable at Mumbai favouring Indian Institute of Bankers. The results of re-checking of marks will be communicated within 10 days from the date of receipt of the request with requisite fees.

l All requests received after 15 days from the date of declaration of results will be summarily rejected.

14) Legal Proceedings :

In case an examinee is desirous of instituting legal proceedings against the Institute, he/she should initiate such proceedings only in courts at Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi and not in any other Court.

i i i

Annexure “A”

Syllabus for the certificate Examination in

General Insurance (Non-LIfe)


A) Purpose and Need of Insurance

B) Business of Insurance - Pooling of Risks

C) Insurance as a social security tool

D) Role of Insurance in economic development



A) Utmost Good Faith

B) Insurable Interest

C) Indemnity

D) Subrogation

E) Contribution

F) Proximate Cause


A) Proposal Forms

B) Policy Forms

C) Cover Notes

D) Certificate of Insurance

E) Endorsements

F) Renewal Notice

  1. Other Insurance Documents


A) Basis of Rate Making

B) Tariffs

C) Market Agreements

D) Role of Tariff Advisory Committee


A) Insurance Act, 1938

B) GIBNA, 1972

C) IRDA Act, 1999

D) Marine Insurance Act, 1963

E) Carriers Act, 1865

F) Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

G) Public Liability Act, 1991

H) Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923

I) Sale of Goods Act, 1930

J) Indian Stamp Act

K) Consumer Protection Act, 1986


- Scope, Coverage, Exclusions, Conditions


Scope, Coverage, Exclusions, Conditions

8. Motor insurance

- Scope, Coverage, Exclusions, Conditions

9. Personal accident insurance

- Scope, Coverage, Exclusions, Conditions

10. Health insurance

  • Scope, Coverage, Exclusions, Conditions

11. Liability insurance

- Scope, Coverage, Exclusions, Conditions

12. Engineering insurance

- Scope, Coverage, Exclusions, Conditions

13. Miscellaneous insurance - i

- Scope, Coverage, Exclusions, Conditions

14. Miscellaneous insurance - ii

- Scope, Coverage, Exclusions, Conditions

15. Claims

A) Preliminary Procedure

B) Investigation and Assessment

C) Surveyors and Loss Assessors

D) Claims Documents

16. Rural insurances

17. Government schemes for social sector

A) Obligations of Insurers for Social Sector

B) Definition of the Social Sector

C) Details of Schemes

D) Solatium Scheme

E) Personal Accident Social Security Scheme

  1. Risk management

19. Personal development

A) Scope

B) Product Knowledge

C) Customer Orientation

D) Business Target

E) Personal Growth

F) Records and Review

G) Target Market

H) Trustworthiness

I) Long Term Relationships

20. Behavioural aspects

A) Motivation

B) Morale

C) Communication Skills

D) Persuasion Skills

E) Analytical Ability

F) Behaviour with others

21. Miscellaneous matters

22. Fundamentals of agency law

A) General Agency Law

B) Insurance Agent

C) Other Intermediaries

23. Procedure for becoming an agent

A) IRDA Regulations

B) Pre-requisites for obtaining a licence

  1. Code of Conduct

24. Functions of the agent

A) Proposal and Other forms

B) Material and Relevant Information

C) Commission.

25. organization

26. Salesmanship

A) Knowledge

B) Ability to create a need

C) Sales personality

D) Process of Salesmanship

Licensing of Insurance Agents Regulation - 2000

Insurance Advertisements and Disclosure Regulation 2000

Annexure - “B’’

List of Centres where the Certificate Examination in

General Insurance would be conducted :

Sr. No Name of the Centre State Mode

1. Agartala (Tripura) Off-line

2. Ahmedabad (Gujrat) On-line

3. Aizwal (Mizoram) Off-line

4. Ghaziabad (UP) On-line

5. Aurangabad (Maharashtra) On-line

6. Bangalore (Karnataka) On-line

7. Baroda (Gujrat) On-line

8. Bhopal (MP) On-line

9. Bhubaneswar (Orissa) On-line

10. Chandigarh (Punjab/Haryana) On-line

11. Chennai (Tamilnadu) On-line

12. Ernakulam (Kerala) On-line

13. Guwahati (Assam) Off-line

14. Hyderabad (AP) On-line

15. Imphal (Manipur) Off-line

16. Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) Off-line

17. Jaipur (Rajasthan) On-line

18. Jammu (J&K) Off-line

19. Kohima (Nagaland) Off-line

20. Kolkata (WB) On-line

21. Lucknow (UP) On-line

22. Mumbai (Maharashtra) On-line

23. Nagpur (Maharashtra) On-line

24. New Delhi (Delhi) On-line

25. Panaji (Goa) On-line

26. Patna (Bihar) Off-line

27. Pune (Maharashtra) On-line

28. Indore (MP) On-line

29. Ranchi (Jharkhand) Off-line

30. Shillong (Meghalaya) Off-line

31. Simla (Himachal Pradesh) Off-line

32. Srinagar (J&K) Off-line

33. Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) On-line

34. Varanasi (UP) Off-line

35. Vijayawada (AP) On-line

36. Vishakhapatanam (AP) On-line


The Deputy Director The Deputy Director

Western Zonal Office Eastern Zonal Office

The Indian Institute of Bankers The Indian Institute of Bankers

Maker Tower, ‘F’, 19th Floor, ‘Anandlok’, 3rd Floor, 227, CuffeParade, Acharya J.C. Bose Road,

Mumbai - 400 005. Kolkata - 700 020.

Tele. : 022-2218 3302 l 2218 5134 Tele. : 033-2280 9681/82/83

Fax : 022-2218 0845 Fax : 033-2280 9680

Email : iibwz@ Email : iibcal@

The Deputy Director The Deputy Director

Nothern Zonal Office Southern Zonal Office

The Indian Institute of Bankers The Indian Institute of Bankers

11th Floor, Atmaram House, 61, Arya Gowda Road,

Tolstoy Marg, West Mambalam,

New Delhi - 110 001. Chennai - 600 033.

Tele. : 011-2335 4921 l 2335 4316 Tele. : 044 - 2474 6961

Fax : 011-2335 1165 Fax : 044 - 2474 6966

Email : iibnz@ Email : iibchen@

Corporate Office :

The Indian Institute of Bankers

World Trade Centre, 2nd floor,

East Wing, Cuffe Parade,

Mumbai - 400 005. Maharashtra.

022 - 2218 7003/4/5 l 22166029

Fax : 022 - 22185147

Email : banc@

Website :






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