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Date: ___________________

[Company Name: ____________________________________________]


Imran Khan


Mobile: +91-9844793081



Core Competencies

  • A keen learner, always willing to acquire professional knowledge. Proficient in planning, organizing and efficient execution of Projects.

  • Strive to learn new things related to my career and achieve a realistic position in life and a valuable job profile by putting sincere efforts towards my job & my organization

  • Innovative thinker working with logical problem solving skills and result oriented approach. Ability to learn things and master them in a short time.

Personal Strengths

  • Capable of working under demanding conditions and can cope up with situational pressures.

  • Good Communication skills, Self confidence, Realistic attitude, Loyalty towards duty, Ability to handle critical situations.

  • Analytical and conceptual approach to problem solving in the area of Financial and Marketing Management, General Administration and Supply Chain Management.

Academic &Technical Credentials

  1. Institute of Excellence in Management Science (IEMS) MBA College Hubli.

KUD, (AICTE) ISO9001:2008, Ranked A4by AIMA Ranked A Best-B-School by Business India.

  • Post Graduated Master of Business of Administrative (MBA) 2012.

Achieved First Class

(Major Specialization Accounting & Finance Management Administrative Management)

  1. Nehru Arts Science and Commerce & Degree College Hubli.

  • PUC Commerce Achieved First Class 2006.

  • Graduated Bachelor of Commerce Achieved First Class (2009).

  1. Anglo Urdu Higher Secondary School Hubli.

SSLC Achieved First Class, 2004.

Computer Technical Credentials

  • MS. Office, Excel, PowerPoint

  • E-Commerce

  • Tally 9.0

  • Relational Database Management System

  • SAP Finance Analysis & Accounting Management


  • Accounting / Finance Management

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning)

  • Understanding accounting trends and implementing financial management aspects focused on organizational growth.

  • Implementing accounting standards to match with leading international firms.

  • Comprehensive understanding of all facets of Financial Management

  • Administrative and Corporate Relationship Management

  • Internal Strategy Planning and Forecasting Budgeting Plan

  • Marketing Strategy and developing marketing campaigns & Management

  • Corporate Communication and Integrated the global Strategy

  • Making Leadership quality and Coordination


Title: Summer In-Plant Project

Duration: Two Months

  1. I have undergone for two months Summer In-plant Project Work in State Bank of India and the project dealt with Credit Appraisal system and home Loan Processing. In this Project I gained first hand experience of appraisal system for grant of credit and home loan processing in SBI. I worked under a Branch manager and learnt various aspects of team leading, marketing of various products and the processing of loan applications keeping the customer satisfaction as top priority.

Scope of project work

  • Understanding the accounting transactions and implementing financial management aspects

  • Responsible for complete documentation processing and sanction process.

  • To know the level of customer awareness about the various products of SBI and their feedback regarding the SBI staff and the quality of service provided.

Title: Major Concurrent Project

Duration: 4months

  1. I have completed Major Concurrent Project work at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co., Hubli during four months of internship training as part of my MBA curriculum. The project dealt with “Awareness of Consumer`s towards Commercial Vehicle Insurance Products”. I learnt the various aspects of insurance process and indirectly had the opportunity of handling a team members involved in office work and field marketing.

Scope of project work

  • Interpret the customer’s preference among various general insurance companies.

  • To analyze the different factors involved in the consumers selection of General insurance companies.

  • Market analysis to identify the strong and weak points of company products and procedures as compared to its competitors and to attract large number of customers with the right products and good quality service.

Professional Experience in Kissan Product Company

I have experience working in the Kissan Products Manufacturing Company (Tobacco and betel nut), Hubli as the capacity of Accounting Management Holder.

Job Summary

The process and reconcile a wide variety of accounting documents such as invoices, departmental billings, employee reimbursements, cash receipts, vendor statements, and journal vouchers; review and code financial information; prepare and process documents to disburse funds, make deposits and prepare reports; compile and review information for accuracy; and maintain records, and using spreadsheets and/or automated accounting systems.

Scope of work

Accounting and Finance Management

  • Verifying the Processes of payments and documents such as invoices, journal vouchers, employee reimbursements, and statements.

  • Perform accounting related work as assigned

  • Retrieves system reports

  • Reconcile and/or balance financial transactions and accounts

  • Posts financial data to appropriate accounts in an automated accounting system, according to instructions.

  • Reconciles transactions, financial data, and other information to an automated accounting system.

Personal Profile

Name : Imran Khan

Permanent Address : Sada shiva Nagar near Qadri Hospital Old Hubli, 580024


Date of Birth : 22th -06-1988

Linguistics Abilities : English, Urdu, Kannada

Hobbies : Reading books, Playing Cricket, Listening Music.

Marital Status : Single


I hereby declare that all the details mentioned above are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I bear all the above mentioned information with assurance that I shall discharge my duties sincerely and honestly to the best satisfaction of my superiors if an opportunity is given to me.

Date: Imran Khan

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