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How to…report and handle a security incident

1.      What is a security incident?

1.1.  A security incident can occur when our policy on information security and communication is not followed.  If our policy is not followed, the security of our information is put at risk.  This can happen because people do not understand the security requirements, do not take care, or choose deliberately not to follow the policy. There are some examples below, although it is not a full list.

  • Using, or being asked to use, another person’s login or password (or both)

  • Not locking your PC before leaving it, if you are logged in

  • Allowing confidential information to be passed on to people who do not have the correct authorisation to see it or not preventing this

  • Stolen or lost electronic equipment, including laptops

  • Viewing or downloading material which is illegal or banned by other regulations or rules

  • Sending abusive emails, or forwarding racist or sexist jokes or emails

  • Allowing someone to enter the building without an appropriate pass (where applicable)

  • Computer viruses

2.      Employees

2.1.  Employees must immediately report all incidents, even those they think are minor, to their manager or, if he/she is unavailable or personally involved in the incident, to the Headteacher or Chair of Governors. 

2.2.  Employees may be asked to provide information to help any investigation that may follow.

3.      Managers who receive a report of a security incident

3.1.  All incidents where information has been lost or stolen must be notified to senior management within the school.

3.2.  If there is enough evidence to justify a formal investigation under the School’s disciplinary procedure, they must follow the procedure laid down in the disciplinary procedures.

3.4.  With support from their Headteacher, managers must take any necessary action within their area of responsibility to prevent further risk to our information or to limit the impact of the loss of or damage to our information from the reported incident.

3.5.  With support from their Headteacher, managers must also take any necessary action within their area of responsibility to prevent similar incidents occurring in the future. 

3.6.  All reported incidents must be promptly logged and the relevant staff must ensure they are thoroughly investigated.  The log should include an incident number where the police have become involved in the incident. For an example log see appendix 1.

3.7. A risk assessment should be carried out to ascertain whether this security incident should be reported to the Information Commissioners Office. To assist in this procedure a sample risk assessment can be found in appendix 2.

3.8.  The Headteacher and other relevant people in the School will work to ensure that any necessary action is taken to prevent similar incidents occurring in the future. 


Appendix 1 – Security Incident Report

Incident Date


Incident Number


Incident Type


Police incident number (where applicable):

Personnel involved

Description of event:

Chronology of events


Details – Please use a separate sheet if you need additional space.

Where appropriate, have those affected been informed ?

Yes 

No 

Lessons learned:


Do I need to inform the Information Commissioners Office?

Yes 

No 

Name of staff member responsible for investigation:

Senior Team aware?

Yes 

No 



Appendix 2

Incident REF: _ _ _ _

Notification of Data Security Breaches to the ICO

Risk Assessment:

Please read in line with the ICO notification Flow Chart & guidance via link below:


  1. Was any of the information publicly available information? If yes no need to continue - Yes/No:

  1. What were the circumstances in which the information was lost or released or corrupted? - Please give details:

  1. Does the information lost contain information on or about 1000 or more individuals? Yes/No - If yes please give full details:

  1. Is there a risk through exposure, of identity theft through the release of information that identifies people? E.g. Passport Numbers/N.I. Numbers/Staff payroll numbers? Yes/No – please give full details if Yes:

  1. Is there a risk of private aspects of a person’s life becoming known to others? E.g. Financial Details? Yes/No - please give full details if Yes:

  1. Was the data lost sensitive personal information? Sensitive data as defined by the DPA 1998: Information about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin; political opinions; religious beliefs; trade union membership; health; sexual life; alleged criminal activity & court proceedings or people at risk. – Please give full details below including number of records lost:

(As little as 10 records of this nature if particularly sensitive need notifying to the ICO)

    1. If yes it was an unencrypted device or was a paper file, did the device/file contain names/addresses/dates of birth/National Insurance numbers of up to or over 1000 individuals? Yes/No – please give full details in all cases:

    1. If you have lost or had equipment stolen was the device encrypted? Yes/No – please give full details including what device it was:


  • Have any actions been taken to minimise or mitigate the effect on the individuals involved? – Please give full details:

  • Have the individuals been informed of the loss of data at this stage and do you intend to inform them?

  • What remedial actions if any have been taken to prevent any future occurrences?

  • Is there any further information that you feel may assist us or may be important to mention?

- 6


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